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Rashid Khan and Imran Tahir - Spin bowlers for Purple Cap

Rashid Khan vs Imran Tahir IPL 2017

Imran Tahir has taken total 6 wickets in the 3 matches in IPL 2017

Basic Info Imran Tahir is a South African bowler. This leg break bowler takes a lot of wicket with the googly. He plays for Dolphins franchise in South Africa T20 Tournament and yes the IPL team of Rising Pune Super Giants

Imran Tahir 3 wicket RPS vs MI

  1. left handed batsman Parthiv Patel bowled Imran Tahir, Parthiv tried to sweep the ball which pitched just outside the leg stump. The ball kept its line and just hit the leg stump’s outer end.
  2. Right Jos Butler given LBW when there was a inner edge. Ball pitched on middle stump and was going to hit off stump
  3. Right Handed Rohit Sharma clean bowled on a googly that he played on to be a legspin. What is critical is that batsman are not able to read his bolwling action for legspin and googly.

Imran Tahir 2 wickets KXIP vs RPS

  1. Right handed batsman Wriddhiman Saha bowled Imran Tahir. Another googly that pitches on the offstump and goes on to hit middle stump. Shaha plays for the legspin and the is clean bowled.
  2. Left handed Axar Patel tried to slog the ball on his legside. Imran Tahir delivered a leg break that drifted away from Axar and turned in. Hitting the ball late, it went high up in the air. Tahir took the catch and Axar Patel is caught and bowled Imran Tahir

Imran Tahir 1 wicket RPS vs DD

  1. Sam Billings was bowled by Imran Tahir. The right handed Sam tried to come down the wicket to the legbreak and hit it towards the covers like a cut and missed it completely. The ball was a googly and went on to hit the off stump. Sam Billings was clean bowled.

Currently after match 9 of IPL Imran Tahir is wearing the Purple Cap.

According to me the 3 main points about his bowling.

  1. His action is not easy to read when he bowls legbreak and googly

  2. He can use the drift in the delivery against both lefthanded and righthanded batsmen.

  3. He shows full involvement while bowling, appealing and even when celebrating making a psychological impact on the opposition

Rashid Khan has taken 5 wickets till now in IPL 2017.

Let’s have a look of this Afghanistan bowler taking wickets of the top batsmen of IPL teams playing against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Rashid Khan 2 wickets SRH vs RCB

  1. Mandeep Singh was bowled trying to late cut a leg-break delivery from Rashid Khan. The ball took an inner edge and hit the leg stump.
  2. Travis Head was caught at the deep mid-wicket boundary trying to slog the ball for a six. The ball was googly and after hitting it went high in the air instead of long if it would have been a leg-break. Good bowling by Rashid Khan.

Rashid Khan 3 wickets SRH vs GL

  1. Brendon McCullum playing a slog sweep to Rahid Khan. The delivery is a googly and goes on to hit the backfoot thigh of McCullum. A plum LBW pitch on off stump contact on leg on middle stump line and going on to hit the leg-stump.
  2. Suresh Raina LBW to Rashid Khan, left-handed Raina played a half shot trying to judge the ball. The leg break pitched on middle stump and turning just enough to hit the middle and off. What a perfect line and length.
  3. Aron Finch tries to defend the ball expecting it to be a leg break. The delivery was a googly and pitched in off stump line going on to hit middle and leg. Amazing accuracy by Rashid Khan.

According to me the top 3 reasons for him getting wickets

  1. Pitching on the driving length accurately making the batsman defend and getting LBW with googly right hand batsman and legbreaks to the left hand batsman.

  2. The ball that drifts to the middle stump and the batsman tempting the batsman to slog and then the ball goes in the air.

  3. The fact that not many batsman have face Rashid Khan, he being from Afghanistan has the drive and determination to make a mark on world level T20 IPL matches.

Next, now is the Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians match 10 of IPL 2017. Rashid Khan will be looking forward to getting some more wicket and the purple cap.


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Todays  match is going to be very crucial for Mumbai to Win as the match is going to take place at MI home Ground Wankhade Stadium. Mumbai will play this match to make their fans worth watching. At the other hand Sunrisers Hyderabad will play to continue their unbeaten record of this season. This article is presenting two players one of them is Mr. Defendable Rohit Sharma and other one is one of the most successful  bowler of Sunrisers Hyderabad that is Mustafizur Rehman. Both of them superbly succeeded in their respective field of cricket. Last season was disappointing for Rohit and team, Rohit even wont succeed to take his team into qualifier, but as a batsman he has done a superb job with his bat, He has score total 489 runs in last season here is the detailed stats of his career last season.

Rohit Sharma vs Mustafizur Rahman

Matches Played : 14

Runs Scored: 489

Remain Not out : 3 times

Batting Average : 44.45

Batting Strike rate: 132.88

Smashed 50’s : 5 times

Highest Score last season : 85

He was not score a acceptable runs this season, He is still finding his form, He has played total 2 matches and score just 5 runs, Last match was a Umpire fault sent Rohit back to Pavilion on a duck. I hop Rohit will come back in the game today as he will play on his Home Ground and he will not let his fans expectations down. Will Rohit ans his cricket skills with his bat today ?? Do write us on our facebook page.  

Mistafizur who has started his debut career in IPL last season for SRH and make his presence and thrill with his Yorker deliveries. A player from Bangladesh is now known by each and every Indian and Internationally. Here is his IPL career last season.

Matches played : 16

Took wickets : 17

Runs Conceded: 421

Bowling Average : 24.76

Bowling Economy : 6.90

Bowling Strike rate: 21.52

He has not played a single match in 2017 season but he can be a part of his team in today’s match. Will be become the purple cap winner this season ?

Mustafizur has played total 2 matches against MI and took 4 wickets by giving just 48 runs in 7 over. Will Mustafizur again put MI backfoot and win this match for his team? Or Rohit will play comeback inning of this season? Thank you for reading this article. Stay connected for such more articles

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IPL has given so many exposure and opportunities to prove themselves and become a part of Indian National team. Rishabh has converted that opportunity into real and played a match for Indian National team. His past IPL record was magnificent as that was his debut in IPL. He has been a part of Delhi since 2016 and after his performance in IPL and Ranji trophy make him capable of playing for Indian national Team. Rishabh again bought by DD with a bid amount of 1.9 crores. Let's see his recent performance in the last IPL.

Rishabh Pant and Ben Stokes

Rishabh Has played total 10 matches and was remain not out in two matches. Here is the detailed record of his career.

Matches played: 10

Runs Scored: 198

Batting Average: 24.75

Batting Strike rate: 130.26

Highest Score: 69

He has maintained his batting class in 2017 and played a superb inning of 57 runs in the last match against RCB. Unfortunately, DD won't be able to win that match but DD got the team's middle order player who can bat even in difficult conditions. Will Rishabh again impress selectors and take one more step towards Indian national team this season?.

At the other hand, we have One of the most expensive players of this season who got a bid amount of 14.5 crores, yes its Ben stokes. Ben is playing his debut season in IPL and his all rounder performance in international matches make the franchise more excited and wanting in their team. He was not impressive with the ball yet but he has done a superb job with a bat in his last match against KXIP. Here are the detailed stats of his first season of IPL.

Total matches played: 2

Runs Scored: 71

Ball faced: 46

Batting Average: 35.5

Strike rate: 154.34

Today Ben Stokes will face Delhi Daredevils. Will he show his performance for what is the highest bid of the season.  Will Ben show his bowling skills as well ? do comment on our facebook page and your opinion on our twitter and facebook page.

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Today's match is between Delhi Daredevils and Rising Pune Supergiants. Today the two teams face each other at Maharashtra Cricket Association International Cricket Stadium which is located in Maharashtra.Both of them have played there at least one match of IPL 2017. And RPS have won the match against Mumbai last week, DD still finding their first win of this season. What do you people think? Will DD put some point in the points table? This series of player comparison will compare two uncapped players in this article ( Players who have not played any international matches). One of them have started his career at the very first season of IPL and another has been a part of IPL since 2010. Currently one of them is playing for RPS and another one is playing for DD, They are Rajat Bhatia and Aditya Tare.

Rajat Bhatia vs Aditya Tare

Very firstly we will discuss the career of Rajat Bhatia in IPL last season. Rajat has been a part of KKR when he had started his IPL career, later he has been bought by Rajasthan Royals in 2014, Bhatia then came to RPS Squad in 9th season of IPL, and continuously putting his best for RPS. He is playing a role of All Rounder for RPS. Right arm medium fast bowler sometimes playing a superb role of batting down the order. Rajat has played total 10 matches last season and proved him a capable all-rounder.

He has scored 34 runs Run’s in 5 innings with a strike rate of 170. Which was too special as a down the order batsman. He has a very good batting average of 34.

Let's have a look at his Bowling figure;

Rajat has played 10 matches and bowl in all the matches here is the detailed stats of his last season

Matches played: 10

Runs Conceded: 244

Bowling Average: 40.66

Bowling Economy: 7.17

Bowling Strike rate: 34

Wickets taken: 6

As an uncapped player, he has a great record, he has played total 2 matches in this season and took 2 wickets with an economy of 6.30. This is the great opportunity to perform well and pull him up for Indian National team. Will he become the purple cap holder this season? Do write your opinion on our facebook page.

At the other hand, we have Aditya Tare who has been a part of Mumbai Indian at the early stage of his IPL career. Who always wanted to play with Sachin Tendulkar and his wish came true as he has shared the dugout with master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. This is the first season he is representing DD. He has been a part of the team in the last match and played quite well 18 runs in 17 balls with a strike rate 105.88. Let's have a look at his previous season stats. Aditya Wasnt played so many matches last season. He got a chance to play just 3 matches last season but failed to prove himself and then he was dropped out from the team, see his stats given bellow.

Matches played: 3

Runs Scored: 8

Batting Strike rate: 53.33

Batting Average: 4

Will Aditya make a come back this season? Will he cross the personal score of 300 in this season? Do write your opinion on our facebook page. I hope you will like this article.

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This web page is about two batsman who has made their impact on very first game IPL 2017. One of them is former captain of KXIP Davis Miller and Second one who has played a tough inning in the last game of RCB its young talent and Marathi player Kedar Jadhav. Kedar is playing IPL since 2011 and was a regular member of Delhi daredevils. This is the first season of Kedar representing RCB in IPL, and met the franchise expectation. He has played a great inning in the second match against his previous team Delhi daredevils.

David Miller vs Kedar Jadhav

Today Kedar and team will  played their third match in this season against KXIP, this is not going to be easy for RCB to win this match by looking at KXIP players performance. KXIP has players like Glenn Maxwell, Eoin Morgan , David Miller which has a talent of converting that match to their side. This article will compare David miller and Kedar Jadhav on the basis of last season performance.

Kedar Jadhav won't get so many matches to played, due to his poor performance he has played just 4 matches last season and scored 42 runs here is the detailed stats

Mathes played : 4

Runs Scored : 42

Remain Notout : 3 times

Strike Rate: 131.25

His record is good so far in 2017, will he be able to maintain his form throughout the tournament? Do write your opinion on out Facebook page.

On the other side we have former captain of KXIP that is David Miller. Miller has represented Durham and Yorkshire cricket club. He is a very powerful middle order batsman who has a capacity to change the game. He has played total 14 matches in the last season of IPL here is the detailed stats of his career

Mathches played : 14

Runs Scored : 161

Remain not out: 3 times

Batting Average : 16.10

Strike Rate: 122.90

Previous season was not too good for him. We hope he will entertain us this season. He has played a great inning of 30 runs in just 27 balls was a match-winning score with Maxwell. Will he played a great innings this season? I hope you are liking this article. Stay connected and share your views and opinion about our series of player comparison.

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AB de Villiers vs Glenn Maxwell RCB vs KXIP

Here we are with our new article of Player comparison series. Today’s match is between previous match winner KXIP and last time runners up  Royal Challengers Bangalore. Two players who are very much known for their power hitting performance and superb fielding skills

This article is between AB DE Villiers and Glenn Maxwell. AB was missing by their fans  and RCB, He was out of first 2 matches due to his fitness but we have got the news he is fully fit and ready for his first match we are hopping that he will give his superb performance in his first match in IPL the other hand we have Glenn Maxwell who is leading KXIP first time and he has done a great job in his first match under captaincy. He has played a superb inning of 44 in just 20 balls was the second highest of that match, with a strike rate of 220 which include 4 sixes and 2 boundaries.

Here are the comparison of Glenn Maxwell and Ab De Villiers based on last year IPL

Glenn Maxwell has played total 11 matches last season and scored 179 runs

Batting average: 19.88

Strike Rate: 144.35

Highest Score: 68

Smashed 50’s: 2 times

Not out: 2 times

Will Glenn able to continue his unbeaten victory of IPL 2017? Will he convert his 44 into 50 this time? Do Share your opinion on our facebook page and Twitter account.

Here is AB De Villiers who has played exceptionally well last season and played shots all over the stadium. Will he continue playing such shots this season? we can have a look at his previous season performance

He has played total 16 matches and scored magnificent 687 runs. Here is the detailed Stats of his last year career in IPL.

Batting Average : 52.84

Highest Score : 129 ( Not out)

Not out inning : 3 times

Strike Rate: 168.79

Smashed centuries : 1 time

Smashed Half centuries : 6 times

He was the 3rd maximum run scorer in last season.

He was the 3rd Maximum half century scorer last season.

AB has played total 2 matches against KXIP and scored total 64 runs in just 36 balls. This match is going to be very special as Maxwell and AB going to face each other for the first time in IPL 2017.

Will AB played an unforgettable knock in his first match? What do you people think who will win this match? Do write us and stay connected to our facebook page and our Twitter account. Thank you

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