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This web page is about two players from Australia. Both of them are well-known batsman for Australia. One of them is All Rounder and one of them is the current captain of Australia. We will be presenting Glenn Maxwell and Steve Smith.  Steve Smith has played his first match of IPL 2017 and scored 82 runs against Mumbai Indians. But Maxwell is yet to played his first match of IPL 2017. Maxwell and Smith faced each other 2 times in the last season of IPL, and both of them won each time.

Glenn Maxwell vs Steve Smith in IPL

Here are the record of Glenn Maxwell in the last year of IPL.  He has represented 3 different teams since 2012 after that KXIP franchise took him into his team and after than he has  been with KXIP since 2014 and joined the gang of “M Factor”. 2014 was so special for KXIP as they have reached to final and became the runner up of that season. After that season he was known as the hard hitter of the ball to all cricket fans. Here are the few stats of his batting of IPL 2016.

He has played total 11 matches last season and scored 179 runs

Batting average: 19.88

Strike Rate: 144.35

Highest Score: 68

Smashed 50’s: 2 times

Not out: 2 times

We all are waiting for his performance the way he was played in 2014. We are waiting for his M factor performance. What you guying think can we get a chance to see him hitting the ball hard?? Do comment on our facebook page and twitter account.

Now we will tell you the record of new captain of RPS. Steve Smith has played just 8 matches and scored 270 runs with an average of 45 here are the detailed stats of his last season.

Batting strike rate: 153.40

Scored centuries : 1 time

Smashed 4’s : 27

Smashed 6’s : 8 

Highest Score: 101   

Steve smith and Glenn Maxwell has came face to face  in a single match and KXIP won that match, here are the stats when they face each other and Steve has scored 38 runs in that match and Glenn has scored 32 not out and that match was won by KXIP.

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