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Robin Uthappa vs Shikhar Dhawan

Robin Uthappa vs Shikhar Dhawan IPL 2017

Two players from Indian team and both of them willing to open the inning for Indian national team. Robin was a witness of India’s unbeatable victory in ICC T20 championship 2007. His performance in the world cup was one of the best performance he gave to the Indian team. Robin was very consistent in IPL since 2011 with his bat. The player who has all the shots in his shelf. Robin has been a part of 4 teams since 2008 MI, played: RCB, PW and Kolkata Knight Riders respectively. Since 2014 he has been a great opener as well as a handy middle-order batsman for KKR with his superb knocks.  Here is the record of his last year IPL


Runs Scored: 394

 Highest Score: 72

Batting Average: 26.26

Batting Strike Rate: 136.33

Smashed 50's: 3 times

This season we haven’t seen Robin which we used to see in T20 world cup 2007. We are waiting to see a true Robin and his stylish batting skills.

At alongside we have Shikhar Dhawan who has shown us his little glance of batting against Mumbai Indians. He has a good record against KKR as well. We are hoping the same or better performance from him as he shown in his last match against MI. Here is his last year stats.

Matches played: 17

Runs Scored:501

Batting Average: 38.53

Remains Not out: 4 times

Highest Score: 82

Batting Strike rate: 116.78

Smashed 50: 4 times

This is Shikhar’s last year performance. Let's have a look what happened when this both the teams faced each other. Robin has scored 36 runs in two matches and Shikhar Has scored 61 when this two team faces each other last year. What do you people think who will win this match? Do comment on our facebook page.


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