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Rashid Khan and Imran Tahir - Spin bowlers for Purple Cap

Rashid Khan vs Imran Tahir IPL 2017

Imran Tahir has taken total 6 wickets in the 3 matches in IPL 2017

Basic Info Imran Tahir is a South African bowler. This leg break bowler takes a lot of wicket with the googly. He plays for Dolphins franchise in South Africa T20 Tournament and yes the IPL team of Rising Pune Super Giants

Imran Tahir 3 wicket RPS vs MI

  1. left handed batsman Parthiv Patel bowled Imran Tahir, Parthiv tried to sweep the ball which pitched just outside the leg stump. The ball kept its line and just hit the leg stump’s outer end.
  2. Right Jos Butler given LBW when there was a inner edge. Ball pitched on middle stump and was going to hit off stump
  3. Right Handed Rohit Sharma clean bowled on a googly that he played on to be a legspin. What is critical is that batsman are not able to read his bolwling action for legspin and googly.

Imran Tahir 2 wickets KXIP vs RPS

  1. Right handed batsman Wriddhiman Saha bowled Imran Tahir. Another googly that pitches on the offstump and goes on to hit middle stump. Shaha plays for the legspin and the is clean bowled.
  2. Left handed Axar Patel tried to slog the ball on his legside. Imran Tahir delivered a leg break that drifted away from Axar and turned in. Hitting the ball late, it went high up in the air. Tahir took the catch and Axar Patel is caught and bowled Imran Tahir

Imran Tahir 1 wicket RPS vs DD

  1. Sam Billings was bowled by Imran Tahir. The right handed Sam tried to come down the wicket to the legbreak and hit it towards the covers like a cut and missed it completely. The ball was a googly and went on to hit the off stump. Sam Billings was clean bowled.

Currently after match 9 of IPL Imran Tahir is wearing the Purple Cap.

According to me the 3 main points about his bowling.

  1. His action is not easy to read when he bowls legbreak and googly

  2. He can use the drift in the delivery against both lefthanded and righthanded batsmen.

  3. He shows full involvement while bowling, appealing and even when celebrating making a psychological impact on the opposition

Rashid Khan has taken 5 wickets till now in IPL 2017.

Let’s have a look of this Afghanistan bowler taking wickets of the top batsmen of IPL teams playing against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Rashid Khan 2 wickets SRH vs RCB

  1. Mandeep Singh was bowled trying to late cut a leg-break delivery from Rashid Khan. The ball took an inner edge and hit the leg stump.
  2. Travis Head was caught at the deep mid-wicket boundary trying to slog the ball for a six. The ball was googly and after hitting it went high in the air instead of long if it would have been a leg-break. Good bowling by Rashid Khan.

Rashid Khan 3 wickets SRH vs GL

  1. Brendon McCullum playing a slog sweep to Rahid Khan. The delivery is a googly and goes on to hit the backfoot thigh of McCullum. A plum LBW pitch on off stump contact on leg on middle stump line and going on to hit the leg-stump.
  2. Suresh Raina LBW to Rashid Khan, left-handed Raina played a half shot trying to judge the ball. The leg break pitched on middle stump and turning just enough to hit the middle and off. What a perfect line and length.
  3. Aron Finch tries to defend the ball expecting it to be a leg break. The delivery was a googly and pitched in off stump line going on to hit middle and leg. Amazing accuracy by Rashid Khan.

According to me the top 3 reasons for him getting wickets

  1. Pitching on the driving length accurately making the batsman defend and getting LBW with googly right hand batsman and legbreaks to the left hand batsman.

  2. The ball that drifts to the middle stump and the batsman tempting the batsman to slog and then the ball goes in the air.

  3. The fact that not many batsman have face Rashid Khan, he being from Afghanistan has the drive and determination to make a mark on world level T20 IPL matches.

Next, now is the Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians match 10 of IPL 2017. Rashid Khan will be looking forward to getting some more wicket and the purple cap.


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