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Manan Vohra vs Sanju Samson.

Sanju Samson vs Manan Vorha IPL 2017

The very first player to score a century in IPL 2017 is very talented opening batsman Delhi have got in 2016. After his performance in Rajasthan Royals Team coach Rahul Dravid catch his talent and took him in his team, and even Sanju has groomed very well under David's coaching. He has an ability to bat in a middle order too. He had spent a wonderful year for Delhi Daredevils by scoring 291 runs in 14 matches. Here is the detailed stats of his last year career.

Matches played: 14

Runs Scored: 291

Remain Not out: 3 times

Highest Score: 60

Batting Average: 26.45

Batting Strike Rate: 112.35

This was his previous record, He has improved a lot under Dravid’s Coaching he has worked on his weaknesses and apply all his skills in 2017 season. He has played total 2 matches till now and scored wonderful 115 runs with an average of 57.50. Today he will play against KXIP at Firoz Shah Kotla Ground by having an advantage of home ground. I think Delhi and team will get the local support this match. Sanju will surely play a long inning in this match again.what you people think about this match do write us your opinion on our facebook page.

Belong side we have one more uncapped player from KXIP, who has managed to give a good start till matches. Manan has an experienced batsman as he was been a member of India Under 19 National team, who has also represented India team A. He has been a part of KXIP since 2013. While representing KXIP last season he has played total 7 matches. Here is his score in last year IPL.

Matches Played: 7

Runs Scored: 161

Batting Average: 23

Batting Strike Rate: 122.90

Highest Score: 51

If we compare his previous season and this season, Manan has improved his batting maturity and understand conditions. Till now he has played total 3 matches and scored 76 runs with an Average of 25.33 with a batting strike rate of 155.10 this season.Yet he has many more matches to play. I think he has that ability to play a long inning and hitting big strokes. What you people think will he score his first Half Century in this match?? Do share your opinion.

Sanju Samson and Manan have faced each other in a single match last season and both of them have scored 30+ respectively. Sanju’s record against KXIP was very well last season by scoring 82 runs in two matches with an average of 41. I think Sanju will dominate Manan this time.

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