Royal Brussels Cricket Club LogoRoyal Brussels Cricket Club based in Belgium Country, Founded in 1866 by Mr. Royal Brussel. Mr. Royal Brussel was also one of the founder members of the Belgium Cricket Federation and League in 1991, and since then cricket has expanded steadily. Royal Brussels has probably the best ground and facilities in Belgium. There is a full size ground with sight-screens at each end and the pavilion has a changing room, toilets and showers. The oldest club in Belgium, Royal Brussels Cricket Club’s origins can be traced back to 1885 in an original document now in the MCC museum at Lord’s detailing the committee members, playing conditions, fees and ground in the “Bois de la Cambre”.

The club may have existed before 1885, certainly we know a cricket match between the Guards was played in Belgium at Enghien some 30 km from Brussels, before the Battle of Waterloo, attended by the Duke of Wellington.

Royal Brussels Cricket club has played Tournaments and Leagues such as:

  • League Games
  • Friendlies
  • T20 Evenings
  • 6’s Tournaments.


Royal Brussels Cricket Club - TeamRoyal Brussels Cricket Club has 6 teams such as:

  • RBCC Men’s 1’st and 2’nd Team
  • RBCC Ladies Team
  • RBCC Colts Team
  • T20 League Team
  • DHL League Team
  • Social Team.

RBCC also hosts tours throughout the season and always look forward to welcoming new touring team from clubs across Europe and beyond. 

RBCC has the pleasure to invite you to our annual 6’s Tournament. 2 Whole days of social cricket with Men’s and Women’s tournaments on 5’th and 6’th May, 2016.

Royal Brussels Cricket Club -

Royal Brussels Cricket Club - 


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