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Parthiv Patel vs Dinesh Karthik

Parthiv Patel vs Dinesh Karthik IPL 2017

This web page is about two national player of India and both of them are well known for their wicket keeping skills. After the retirement of MS Dhoni from test cricket. Parthiv got a chance to play a role of Wicket keeper batsman for India. Even Karthik has contributed his best to Indian cricket. Both of them has a good IPL career as a Wicketkeeper batsman. One of the resilient batsman who has an ability to chess any score no matter how difficult it is. He has a very split personality as in very calm behind the stump and that much aggressive when he comes for a bat. He is one of the consistent Wicket Keeper batsmen. Who has started his career for DD in 2008? His career was not stagnant for a single team he has been shifting teams almost every season. He has been a part of 5 different teams throughout his journey. here are the stats last season playing for GL.

Matches played: 16

Scored Runs: 335

Batting Average: 25.76

Batting Strike Rate: 125.93

Highest Score: 53

Stumping/ catches: 14

This was his last season stats. This season he started well with an average of 38.50 in two matches. I hope we will see him playing his best against Mumbai Indians.

At the other side, we have one of the youngest cricket players from Indian national team who has made his debut in 2002 at the age of 17 against England in a test series. He has regularly in an argument about his spot in a national team. He has been a part of 5 different teams in IPL. Parthiv bought by MI in 2015 season and after that, he got settled for MI. MI is always concerned about their opening pair in IPL and that was solved by Parthiv and Simmons pair. He has been a part of a winning moment of 2015 title and he has contributed so well with his bat.  Here is the stats of his career last season.  

Matches played: 10

Runs Scored: 177

Batting Average: 17.70

Highest Score: 81

Strike Rate: 116.44

Catches /Stumping: 10

If we look the past record Parthiv has a better record against GL than Karthik against MI. I think Parthiv will score 50 runs in this match. What do you people think who will score most among this two? Do write on our facebook page.  

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Virat Kohli vs Gujarat Lions IPL 2017

The last match against has been superb for the “Run Machine Virat Kohli”. Virat Has played his very first match of IPL 2017. He smashed 62 when other batsman failed to even score 30 runs, He uses his experience and his superb skills against Mumbai Bowlers. Virat started hitting at the very first ball and added 62 to his team. Virat was not able to score in the second match against RPS and managed to add 28 to his personal score. Today Virat and team will fight against Gujarat Lions at Saurashtra Cricket Association. Home ground of Gujarat so it is for sure Gujarat will get local fans support but if we look at the stats of Virat playing against Gujarat Lions were too good smashing 2 Hundred in just 3 matches. He became the first man scoring 2 century against Gujarat Lions.

Virat has played total 3 matches against Gujarat lions last season and what was the stats I have given Below.

Matches played: 3

Runs Scored: 209

Balls Faced: 120

Average: 69.66

Strike Rate: 174.1

Favourite Area of Playing: Off Side as well as Leg side ( 55% / 45% (Average strokeplay))

This was his previous year record against Gujarat Lions. Virat has played a long innings against Gujrat last year and he got a chance once again. Virat has smashed almost all the bowlers of GL. Which include few top ranking bowlers of International cricket. Here is the list of bowler who conceded the runs against Virat

Bowlers name:

  1. Pravin Kumar
  2. Dhawal Kulkarni
  3. Pravin Tambe
  4. Shadab Jakati
  5. Ravindra Jadeja
  6. Dwayne Bravo
  7. Shivil Kaushik
  8. Dwayne Smith

This is the bowler who Virat faced last year. Dhawal Kulkarni and Pravin Kumar these are the only two bowlers who got Virat Kohli out last season from GL. What do you people think ? Will Virat Kohli score Century again? Do write your opinion on our Facebook page.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope this information will be useful for you. Keep supporting us and follow us on our Website.     

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Ben Cutting vs Shaun Marsh Match 19

Ben Cutting vs Shaun Marsh IPL 2017

This web page is about one of the destroying batsman of England and Australian All-rounder who has represented Under 19 team of Australia. Who has shown his quick batting skills at the final and scored much needed 38 runs. Which helps SRH to won the final match of IPL 2017 its no other than Ben Cutting. One of them is representing KXIP and another one is representing SRH. The player who is representing KXIP is non-other than one of the M factor of KXIP Shaun Marsh.

Let's have a comparison in both of them on the basis of their previous year performance who's batting record were best in IPL 2016. Very firstly we will discuss Ben Cutting performance

Ben has not played many of matches last season, He has managed to play 4 matches but he has very clearly declared his intention in a final match.

Matches Played: 4

Runs Scored: 65

Not out: 2 times

Batting Average:32.50

Batting Strike Rate: 191.17

This was his batting record last season. This season he was still quite with his performance but sure to see him smashing his best of this IPL. Ben is known for his high strike rate performance that he proved once again he has again played with a strike rate of 196.15.

At The other side, we have Shaun, even he was not able to play more than 6 matches last season. Let's have a look what he did last season.

Matches Played: 6

Run Scored: 159

Remain Not out: 1 time

Highest Score: 56

Batting Average: 31.80

This was his last year performance this season Shaun hasn’t played a single match. But I am sure his entry will be run breaking entry for this season. What is your opinion do let us know on our facebook page and Twitter account.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you will love this series of Player comparison.   

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We all were missing the highest run scorer of IPL 2016 and the “Run Machine” of international cricket Virat Kohli the captain of RCB. He is back from his injury and ready to entertain his fans. Last season was the cherry on the cake for him with receiving most of the award of that season which include Most run scorer , Highest Average, maximum Centuries etc. The new captain of Indian cricket team has an ability to win a match single handily. His injury in Test Cricket against Australia he was out of the tournament for first few games of IPL. Here are the stats of last year IPL.

Virat Kohli vs MS Dhoni IPL 2017

Matches played: 16

Runs Scored: 973

Batting average: 81.08

Batting Strike Rate: 152.03

Smashed centuries: 4 times

Smashed 50’s: 7 times

Remain Notout: 4 times

Virat was out for the first 3 matches of RCB and that was the reason RCB has managed to win only 1 match. RCB was missing their most consistent and outstanding batsman. I hope he will rock his IPL match now after. Will he become the most run scorer once again?

At the other side, we have our former captain cool and most loved captain of India that is MS Dhoni. Who has won 2 titles for Chennai Super Kings and now been he is the part of RPS. Last season was very MS Dhoni as they haven’t even qualified for Qualifier round. Will Dhoni use his all experience and put a step ahead and won the title once again for Pune? Do write us your opinion on our Facebook page. Here are the stats of his last year IPL

Matches played: 14

Runs Scored: 284

Batting Average: 40.57

Strike Rate: 135.23

Remain Not out: 5 times

This was his previous year's record while playing as a captain of RPS. This season he was taking rest from the captaincy and playing as aWicketkeeperr Batsman for RPS. His quick  hands behind the stumps will be plus point for RPS to win the IPL title.

What will be the situation when Virat and Dhoni will collapse who will win the match? Who will be more dominating? I hope you guys very excited to watch this match. Do write your opinion on our twitter account

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Umesh Yadav vs Zaheer Khan  match 18

Zaheer Khan vs Umesh Yadav IPL 2017

This web page is about two pace bowler of Indian Cricket team. One of them was the backbone of pace attack over a decade. Highest wicket taker of 2011 wicket taker for their team. After implementing his skills to RCB and then MI he has shifted and led the DD as a captain from the ninth season of IPL 2016, yes it's Zaheer Khan. The second one considers Swings and bounce his strength and worked well with KKR coach and team to polishing his skills. He has entered into international cricket since 2012 and continuously representing India. He ha been representing KKR since 2012, it was been a great season for KKR as he took 19 wickets in 17 matches. Umesh has an ability to dominate batsman by his pace and Swing. Here is the stats of both of them in IPL 2016

Umesh Yadav has played total 9 matches last season what he did in his 10 matches here is the stats

Wickets taken: 10

Best Bowling Figure: 3 for 28

Bowling Average: 23.40

Bowling Economy: 9

Bowling Strike rate: 15.60

This was his last figure of IPL. This season has started well for Umesh by taking 4 wickets in 2 matches. He took those 4 wickets in a single match. Will he become the most wicket taking bowler this season? I think yes after looking at his current form he will surely consider the race of most wicket taking bowler.

Belong side we have Zaheer Khan who also took the same number of wickets last season here is the stats of his career

Matches Played: 12

Wickets Taken: 10

Best figure: 3 for 21

Bowling Average: 33.70

Bowling Economy: 7.71

Bowling Strike Rate:26.20

This was Zaheer's last season stats which was quite similar to Umesh Bowling figure. Today they are going to face each other at Firoz Shah Kotla Ground at 4 Pm. Zaheer's this season has started well he has taken 5 wickets in just 3 matches with an Economy of 8.25

I think bowler will dominate batsman in today's match. It will be quite interesting to watch Zaheer and Umesh this match. Who will take most wickets today? Do comment on our facebook page

Thank you for reading this article stay connected to read more IPL related Article.  

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Manan Vohra vs Sanju Samson.

Sanju Samson vs Manan Vorha IPL 2017

The very first player to score a century in IPL 2017 is very talented opening batsman Delhi have got in 2016. After his performance in Rajasthan Royals Team coach Rahul Dravid catch his talent and took him in his team, and even Sanju has groomed very well under David's coaching. He has an ability to bat in a middle order too. He had spent a wonderful year for Delhi Daredevils by scoring 291 runs in 14 matches. Here is the detailed stats of his last year career.

Matches played: 14

Runs Scored: 291

Remain Not out: 3 times

Highest Score: 60

Batting Average: 26.45

Batting Strike Rate: 112.35

This was his previous record, He has improved a lot under Dravid’s Coaching he has worked on his weaknesses and apply all his skills in 2017 season. He has played total 2 matches till now and scored wonderful 115 runs with an average of 57.50. Today he will play against KXIP at Firoz Shah Kotla Ground by having an advantage of home ground. I think Delhi and team will get the local support this match. Sanju will surely play a long inning in this match again.what you people think about this match do write us your opinion on our facebook page.

Belong side we have one more uncapped player from KXIP, who has managed to give a good start till matches. Manan has an experienced batsman as he was been a member of India Under 19 National team, who has also represented India team A. He has been a part of KXIP since 2013. While representing KXIP last season he has played total 7 matches. Here is his score in last year IPL.

Matches Played: 7

Runs Scored: 161

Batting Average: 23

Batting Strike Rate: 122.90

Highest Score: 51

If we compare his previous season and this season, Manan has improved his batting maturity and understand conditions. Till now he has played total 3 matches and scored 76 runs with an Average of 25.33 with a batting strike rate of 155.10 this season.Yet he has many more matches to play. I think he has that ability to play a long inning and hitting big strokes. What you people think will he score his first Half Century in this match?? Do share your opinion.

Sanju Samson and Manan have faced each other in a single match last season and both of them have scored 30+ respectively. Sanju’s record against KXIP was very well last season by scoring 82 runs in two matches with an average of 41. I think Sanju will dominate Manan this time.

Thank you for your support and love. Keep reading about IPL news at  


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