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Ben Cutting vs Shaun Marsh Match 19

Ben Cutting vs Shaun Marsh IPL 2017

This web page is about one of the destroying batsman of England and Australian All-rounder who has represented Under 19 team of Australia. Who has shown his quick batting skills at the final and scored much needed 38 runs. Which helps SRH to won the final match of IPL 2017 its no other than Ben Cutting. One of them is representing KXIP and another one is representing SRH. The player who is representing KXIP is non-other than one of the M factor of KXIP Shaun Marsh.

Let's have a comparison in both of them on the basis of their previous year performance who's batting record were best in IPL 2016. Very firstly we will discuss Ben Cutting performance

Ben has not played many of matches last season, He has managed to play 4 matches but he has very clearly declared his intention in a final match.

Matches Played: 4

Runs Scored: 65

Not out: 2 times

Batting Average:32.50

Batting Strike Rate: 191.17

This was his batting record last season. This season he was still quite with his performance but sure to see him smashing his best of this IPL. Ben is known for his high strike rate performance that he proved once again he has again played with a strike rate of 196.15.

At The other side, we have Shaun, even he was not able to play more than 6 matches last season. Let's have a look what he did last season.

Matches Played: 6

Run Scored: 159

Remain Not out: 1 time

Highest Score: 56

Batting Average: 31.80

This was his last year performance this season Shaun hasn’t played a single match. But I am sure his entry will be run breaking entry for this season. What is your opinion do let us know on our facebook page and Twitter account.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you will love this series of Player comparison.   

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