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د افغان لوبډلې او لوبغاړو وروستۍ وړتیاوې دي چې د نړیوالو پام یې ځانته راړولی که له یوې خوا د کرکټ نړیواله شورا په دې فکر کوي تر څو افغانستان د بشپړ غړیتوب درجه ورکړي له بل اړخه بیا نړیوال د افغان لوبغاړو په سوداګریز کرکټ کې اخیستلو ته لیواله دي

په سوداګریزو سیالیو کې د افغان لوبغاړو اخیستل له بنګله دیش پریمیر لیګ پیل او تر اې پی ایله ورسیده

په بنګله دیش پریمیر لیګ سیالیو کې د افغان لوبغاړو وړتیا افغان لوبغاړي د پآکستان سوپر لیګ تر دورشله ورسول ، په دغو لیګونو او نړیوال جام سیالیو کې د ښه لوبو کولو له امله افغان لوبغاړي په وتلي لیګونو اې پي ایل او سي پي ایل کې هم واخیستل شول

په افغان کرکټ تبصره کونکی عصمت صافی په بهرنیو لیګونو کې د افغان لوبغاړو لوبیدل ډیر ګټور بولي نوموړی زیاتوي ، افغان لوبغاړي یو له مالي اړخه او بل د تجربو له اړخه بډایا کیږي چې راتلونکو نسلونو ته د کرکټ ډیرې ښې تجربې راوړلی شي

اوس په اې پي ایل کې د راشد ارمان او محمد نبي لوبیدل د سنرایزر لوبډلې لپاره دومره مینوال پیدا کړي چې بله کومه لوبډله یې نه لري

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As we all have heard from our parents that cricket is a game which can be played anywhere and anytime, all you required is a bat and a ball to play. But I would like to add one more point to this sentence, we also need cricket ground to play cricket if we want to play on a higher level. Keeping this requirement of international standard grounds in mind cricket associations from all countries have build stadiums of huge ground and peoples capacity. here, we will know the names of Cricket Stadium which are listed among the list of biggest cricket stadiums in the world. In this list, India is on the top by developing 8 cricket stadium with maximum audience capacity out of 10 cricket stadium. Other two stadiums are in Australia with a maximum sitting capacity. Here is the list of biggest Cricket Stadiums.

  1. Melbourne Cricket Stadium: Only cricket stadium in the world who has a capacity of 1 lac and 24 sitting arrangement.
  2. Eden Garden Stadium: This stadium in the world who has a capacity of 1 lac sitting arrangement. And India’s Biggest cricket stadium till date.
  3. ANZ Cricket Stadium: It’s Third biggest cricket stadium in the world with sitting capacity of 82,500 arrangement. It’s a multi-purpose stadium in Sydney.
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium: This stadium is situated in Kochi, Kerala. The stadium has played more cricket and football matches with a sitting capacity of 75,000.
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium: This stadium is situated in Hyderabad with a sitting capacity of 65,000. It is home ground of Hyderabad Cricket Association.
  6. SVNS Cricket Stadium: It’s a fifth highest cricket stadium in the world. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 50,000.
  7. Edakochi Cricket Stadium: Edakochi Cricket Stadium is located in Kerala, India. It’s an home ground of Kerala cricket association. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 50,000 arrangement.
  8. Docklands Stadium: It’s a multi-purpose sports and entertainment stadium in Docklands of Melbourne, Australia. The stadium has a sitting capacity of 47, 000.
  9. Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium: Feroz shah kotla ground is situated in Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi. It is the second oldest cricket stadium in India, has a capacity of 42,820 sitting arrangement.
  10. Maharashtra Cricket Associations Stadium: It is a cricket stadium situated in Pune, India. The MCA Stadium was inaugurated in 2012 and the first match was played between Kings XI Punjab and Pune Warriors in April 2012 with sitting arrangement of 37,406.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this information helped you to know biggest stadium in the world.

Data Credit: ESPN cricinfo, Google Wikipedia.  

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As a batsman we always feel concerned about the bat, some time we just choose our bat by seeing it in our cricket role-model/heroes. But there are lots of factors which are important while choosing your bat. It depends on your weight, your height, type of the willow, type/format of a cricket you are playing, what kind of a player you are. what is your batting line up. This is just a gist of the things essential while choosing a bat.


Today we will tell you how to choose your bat and what are the various factor you have to choose while selecting a bat and very importantly how to take care of your bat. Here I am starting with the article, I’ll start with the requirement first.

Requirement: Very firstly you have to keep in mind the bat you are going to select is played against which type of ball. If you are planning to play with a leather ball you must use a thicker bat. These bats are a bit more costly than the bats played against Tennis or Rubber balls.

Height: Second important factor is your height. There plays major role in selecting your bat, the below image will tell you the types and average heights of the bats that are available in the market.

Cricket Bat Material: There are Four types of Bats and are available in the market

1) Kashmir Willow: The bats of Kashmir Willow are respectively heavier than the English willow. Kashmir willow bats are originally made in India. These bats are cheaper in price than English willow and will be used for lower range and priced Cricket bats. These bats also do not have the same performance effect as English willow bats.

2) English Willow: This kind of a willow is preferred by majority of the batsman due to its lighter weight and high performance while striking the ball. This willow requires a lot of care while handling of the bat.

3) Carbon Fibre: Some of the manufacturers insert additional carbon fibre into the handle of the bat to make the bat feel lighter in the hands. Carbon also help to generate more powerful shots.

4) Titanium: Adding titanium to the handle of the bat is a latest technology to add Boost and provide more power in the hitting zone.

Weight of the bat plays major role in playing the shots. The heavier bats are durable and provide more power to the shots. But the lighter bats allows you to play the shots very quickly. Lighter bats add speed to your shots and provide better control. So while selecting a bats you should know your forearm's power and strength. The better technique to select the weight of the bat is,
hold the bat at the top of the handle and try to pick it up perpendicular to your chest. If you able to pick up the weight without your hand shivering that would be the perfect bat for you.

Batting Style:
Your batting style helps you to choose your bat we can categories the batting style into: 1) Front-Foot player 2) Back-Foot player. Front foot players usually prefers the Lower Middle bats and Back foot players usually choose Higher Middle bats.

Handle Size:
Always check out the handle while selecting your cricket bat. Handle size plays an vital role in the format of cricket. If you are playing a limited over or shorter format cricket you should go for longer handle and shorter blade size. And if you preferring to play One day or long over format you should go for longer handle or the average handle size according to your height.

Handle Shape: There are two types of handles available first one is oval and second one is round.

Oval Handle Bat: If you are a player of technique you should go for oval handle. As the bats does not twist into your handle after the impact of the bat and therefor less energy required to play the shots.

Round Handle: If you are a hitting batsman. While allow the bottom hand come into play more easily for aerial shots. I prefer a player who plays with horizontal bat must go with Round handle bats.

Next thing that comes into consideration is the Grip:
You should know the importance of the grip. Some of the Cricket players add double layer to their bats for more lighter pickup and which also improve your bat speed. But keep in mind it will also increase the weight of the bat. So add appropriate grips to your bats accordingly.

This is the top most part you must keep in mind while selecting a bat. Grains is the lines available on the bat which shows the age of that willow . A Cricket bat with 6 to 10 grains on the intermediate quality English willow are the bats of longer age and strong wood. So you should go for the bats who has 6 to 10 grains on the face of the bat. Also check out the distance between the grains it should be same in every grains. Grains profile must be same in front as well as at the back of the bat.

So, these are the various factors essential while choosing a bat. So take into consideration these factors and suggestions which will help you choose a perfect bat for you to go out in the field and give you best shot.


In the next part of the article we will tell you how to take care of your bats and how to increase the performance of the bat.
I hope you people will like this article. If you have any query regarding your bat selection we always welcome your queries. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you

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Hello!! As we all know our cricketing heroes are always known for their mind-blowing ways to express their passion towards cricket when they are on the ground. There are various ways for their recreation when they are on the vacations. We have seen the love of cricketers for Sports Cars and Bikes. Here are some less known facts and the love of cricket players towards vehicles.
Some of the Cricketers have the love towards super cars and some of them love super fast bikes.

Here are few cricketers be it Master Blaster - Sachin Tendulkar, Mr. 6 sixes in an over - Yuvraj Singh, Double Knock in a ODI - Rohit Sharma, The current ICC rank holder Batsman Virat Kohli as well as our very own Captain Cool - Mahendra Singh Dhoni and many more all of them show their love towards the vehicle by having a collection of Cars and Bikes.

To Start with we have a list of arguably the Most loved cricketers from the Indian Cricket Team

Name: Sachin Tendulkar

We also know him as the God of Cricket we all have got an inspiration from him and most of the people like us really dream to become like him. In India, we all just came to know about the Ferrari because of Sachin who owned a Ferrari.

1) BMW i8
2) Nissan GT-R
3) Ferrari 360 Modena (Gifted By Fiat After Scoring 29 Centuries)
4) Mercedes - Benz
5) Volvo s80
6) Opel Astra



Name: Virat Kohli

A very talented youngster who holds few world records and national records. Like the way he shows his cricketing skills while playing, he also as a few hidden hobbies like driving car & he has a very good collection of Cars. He had mentioned in one of the interview about his dream car that is Audi R8-V10. And he turned his dream into reality by buying Audi R8 V10 in his collection.

1) Audi R8 V10 Lmx
2) Audi Q7 4.2
3) Audi S6


Name: Rohit Sharma

The only cricket player who has scored a double century twice in One Day International career. He really has a passion toward BMW cars and he had purchased a BMW M5.






Name: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The Captain Cool is also known as a bike fanatic but he owns few four-wheelers too. Hummer is one of the notable car owned by Dhoni and there are many more cars owned by him such as:

1) Porsche 911
2) Custom Built Open-Top Scorpio
3) Mitsubishi Pajero
4) Toyota Corolla



Name: Yuvraj Singh

The left handed Batsman from Punjab has slowly over the year been a rock in Indian Batting specifically in the shorter format. After winning the World T20 - Yuvraj was awarded a Porsche 911 by the Vice president of BCCI. He has a dizzying number of cars ranging from an Audi Q5 to the ultra-luxurious Bentley Flying Spur.

1)Lamborghini Murcielago
2) Audi Q5
3) Mercedes Benz S Class
4) Bentley Continental
5) Porsche 911
6) BMW M3 Convertible
7) BMW M5
8) BMW 3 Series

The above article is based on the textual data collected from online resources. All the important updates are welcomed by we are looking forward for your response for articles like this.

Thank you for reading this article kindly look out for other articles at

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Hello Friends,

Today we are going to talk about few less known records in Cricket history but this time we are taking this opportunity to tell you the records made by Women Cricketers. In the Men Section, we all have in mind Rohit Sharma for his consecutive double hundreds, team Australia as a first team to score 400+ runs in ODI and South Africa for chasing that gigantic total 434 runs. But does any one of us know what was the highest total made by the women’s national team? This blog will tell you about such memorable records by Women's Cricket. Lets start with the brief origin of Women's Cricket.

Inception of Women's Cricket:

The very first recorded women’s match was played in 1745.
The very first women’s Cricket Club was started in Yorkshire named the White Heather Club.
In 1958 the international Women’s cricket council was formed in order to connect the women’s cricket across the globe.

Since 1973 One Day international Cricket for women’s had been started and currently there are 16 teams who have played one day international matches.

Here are the few less known records by Women’s Cricket team:

1. The highest grand total is of 455 runs in one day international.

Team: New Zealand
Opponent: Pakistan
Year: 1997-1998

2. The Highest Score Chase by a team is of 289 runs.

Team : Australia
Against : New Zealand
Year: 2012-2013

3. The Lowest Score by a team is 22 runs.

Team: Netherlands
Against: West Indies
Year: 2008

Here are the few Individual Players world Record

1. The record of scoring most runs in ODI career goes to Charlotte Edwards from England who has scored a total of 5992 runs by average of 38.16.

Name: Charlotte Edwards – 5992
Team: England

2. Most Centuries by a women cricketer.

Name: Charlotte Edwards – 9 centuries
Team: England

3. Most Half-Centuries (50s) in ODI career by a women cricketer. 

Name: Charlotte Edwards – 55 Fifties
Team: England

4. The Highest Individual Score by a women cricketer in ODI.

I am feeling proud to say that Women Cricketers are very much faster than men. Highest score by a individual is by Belinda Clark who had scored her first double Hundred in 1997 against Denmark and become the first and last women Cricketer to score double hundred in ODI matches till the date.

Name: Belinda Clark: 229*
Team: Denmark
Year: 1997

5. Highest Number of Wickets taken in a single ODI Match:

Name: Sajjida Shah
Team: Pakistan
Figures: 7 wicket conceading just 4 runs
Against: Japan

That’s all for now folks. There are many more records in the name of Women's Cricket. We will cover the further records in our next article till the time stay tuned and keep visitng for all the cricket related blogs, news, coverage and much more.

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India Tour To West Indies:

This July 2016 is going to be very exciting for Cricket fans and cricket lovers as the Indian Cricket Team is going to tour West Indies for the next 7 weeks. The tour is going to start by 6th July 2016. Team India will play two practice matches and then 4 test matches. The first practice matches will be played on 6th of July 2016 and the second on 14th July. The very first Test Match will be played on 21st July 2016 second on 30th July, third on 9th August and fourth on 18th August 2016 respectively.

The matches are going to be very interesting as India play against the West Indies who recently won the ICC World T20 World Cup, but can the West Indies beat India in the Test format too?

A brief look at the past record of India Touring West Indies.
India toured West Indies in 2011 which included 3 test match series and India won the series by 1-0. In a total, India have played total 45 test matches against Caribbean and out of which India have won 5 matches losing 16 and 24 matches were drawn.

According to reports all the venues are ready to welcome team India in July for the series of 4 test matches. The tour was supposed to be on hold due to CPL (Caribbean Premier League) matches were scheduled in the same period, but now all the venues are free during the touring period.

What will be the Indian Squad for the tour?

There are no major changes in the Squad except for a new addition of Shardul Thakur (Mumbai Ranji Player), the team is going to be majorly similar which played against South Africa last year.


Virat Kohli (c),
Murali Vijay,
Shikhar Dhawan,
KL Rahul,
Cheteshwar Pujara,
Ajinkya Rahane,
Rohit Sharma,
Wriddhiman Saha (wk),
Ravichandran Ashwin,
Amit Mishra,
Ravindra Jadeja,
Ishant Sharma,
Mohammed Shami,
Bhuvneshwar Kumar,
Umesh Yadav,
Shardul Thakur,
Stuart Binny.

It has also been announced by BCCI that the coach for the Indian Cricket Team will be announced at the end of June for the Tour Of India to West Indies.
This time it is going to be fun watching India after 5 years in West Indies. Who do you think will emerge victorious, Team India's strong batting line-up or Team West Indies Fast Pace Bowling Attack? 

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