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Personal Details

 Full Name: Febin Bijoy

Born29th January, 1996

Current Age: 18 years

Club Name: --------

Playing Role: All-rounder

Batting Style: Right hand batsman

Bowling Style: Right Arm Off-Break

Fielding Position: Long On 

Education: Lord's Universal College



They say there’s no perfect day to start up a new thing, the day you decide is your perfect day. We at Global Cricket Community strongly believe in this fact, reason why? Because our members feel the same. Febin Bijoy, an 18 year old Mumbai boy, is one such live example who feels that there’s always a bunch of opportunities , all you have to do is, identify one and grab it.

We were glad to interview Febin Bijoy who studies in Lords Universal College, Mumbai. We got to know about Febin’s current goal and his lifetime goal. It was then we came to know about his love and interest for Cricket. Like every other cricket player in India, Febin grew up playing Cricket in his society and on the streets. It was there he developed a love for this game. He always gathered his building friends to enjoy the game of cricket. Sooner he realized the importance of Season Cricket and he got the taste of it when he went to Kerala, his native place.

On one hand, where Febin was struggling with his academics, on the other he developed a keen interest in Cricket. Although he hadn’t played for any club, neither is Febin registered for his college team, still one thing that motivated him to stay connected to cricket was his goal. And the goal is to play in the Indian National Cricket Team. Febin is now trying to balance both his academics and love for cricket. And that is what we at Global Cricket Community appreciated in this young talent.

Although he did not get any opportunity to play, Febin is now mentally prepared for achieving his goal. Global Cricket Community interviewed Febin Bijoy and promised him to take him closer to his dream. Febin would be appearing for his 12th standard board exams, and his academics remain his first priority till March, 2015. But he is sure to continue and give time to Cricket after his board exams.

We at Global Cricket Community, taking the example of Febin Bijoy would like to stress that “There’s no right or wrong time to start something afresh, the day you decide becomes the right day for you." So, for all those cricket players and cricket fans out there, if you have a dream and a set goal, start chasing it from today itself. Don’t wait for any perfect time to come. It’s your day, live it to the fullest. If you want to be a cricketer, start living as if you are a cricketer today. No one can stop you from playing this game. That’s the beauty of Cricket.

We congratulate Febin Bijoy, for setting his goal. Let us all come together and help Febin by contributing and by guiding him towards his goal.

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