Faisal Khan is the Captain of Philippines National Cricket Team, who got in touch with the game at a very tender age of 6. Although Cricket in Philippines was more of an expat sports and it is still widely played by expats in the Country. Still, Philippines is considered as one of the strongest contenders in EAP region. Philippines Cricket received Affiliate Status by ICC in the year 2003. Cricket is now one of the fastest growing sports in the Philippines. In June 2013 the Philippine Cricket Association signed a Memorandum of Agreement to develop cricket with the Philippines Special Olympic Movement. Each week the Associations Development Officers conduct coaching clinics for up to 100 Special Olympics athletes. Junior Cricket continues to thrive with over 5,000 indigenous school children regularly playing cricket. Global Cricket Community is pleased to see the progress Philippines Cricket has made in the East Asia Pacific Region.  

Full Name : Faisal D Khan Faisal Khan - Captain of Philippines National Cricket Team
Date of Birth : August 7, 1968
Playing Role : Batsman
Batting Style : Right Hand
Bowling Style : Right Arm
Country : Philippines

2. What age did you start playing Cricket? How did you get in touch with the game?
From very young age of 6 years old. Got in touch with the game via radio and TV.

3. Who were your cricketing heroes whilst growing up?
Zaheer Abbas, Imran Khan, Viv Richards

4. Was your family supportive when you started off with Cricket? Was it ever hard for you to convince them?
Supportive all the way.

5. What do you enjoy the most on the field? Is it lofting the ball over boundaries, or breaking stumps or fielding?
Hitting boundaries. 

6. If not Cricket, where else would you have landed up in your Career?
Cricket is not professionally played in The Philippines, therefore all the cricket players are considered amateur and have other professions.

Faisal Khan - Captain of Philippines National Cricket Team7. Any major challenges that you faced all these years? How do you feel can those challenges be addressed?
Developing Cricket in The Philippines is a very big challenge since there is no cricket culture among the locals and cricket is mainly an expat sport. 

8. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
I am now more focused on developing cricket among the locals, building a national team filled with Philippine citizens and improving our domestic leagues. 

9. What would be that one goal of your life to achieve in Cricket?
To see Philippines qualifying for cricket world cup.

10. Which do you feel has been the biggest highlight of your sporting career so far? Any achievements or rewards that you cherish the most.
Biggest highlight/achievement would be to be the first Philippine National Cricket Team Captain to take part in an ICC tournament and the other would be to receive an ICC medal for volunteer work in developing cricket in The Philippines. Faisal Khan - Captain of Philippines National Cricket Team

11. What do you feel is the future of Cricket in your Country?
With all the hard work we are doing, future will definitely be much better and will improve every year. 

12. Who would you credit most for your success and why?
Hard work, Persistence and Passion.

13. Your advice to the youngsters taking up Cricket as a career?
Since Cricket is still not professional in The Philippines, therefore this question does not relate to our set-up here.

14. One thing that you want us (Global Cricket Community) to do for the Cricket Community and why?
I think most support and work is needed in countries where cricket is not a major sport. Promoting cricket in those countries is a real challenge and Global Cricket Community should put extra effort there.

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