Elena Tice is an Ireland National Cricket Player. Elena started playing cricket at the tender age of 6. Credits to her father who had played a lot of Cricket during his days, Elena found the grip very soon and she never looked back after that. She made a surprising debut at the 13 as a leg spinner. She was one of the main bowlers at their 2011 World Cup Qualifiers in Bangladesh. Hockey and Cricket were the major sports she was involved in, but had to compromise on one to continue further. Hockey dwindled from the scene and she was at her best in Cricket. She was not a part of the recently concluded T20 Qualifiers and is planning to return to the game very soon. Global Cricket Community would like to wish you all the best Elena.  

1. Tell us about yourself?Elena Tice - Ireland National Cricket Player

Full Name : Elena Tice
Date of Birth : 16/11/1997
Batting Style : Right hand bat
Bowling Style : Leg spinner
Country : Ireland

2. What age did you start playing Cricket? How did you get in touch with the game?
I started playing when I was about 6. My dad is English and so had played a lot of cricket growing up, he was quick to introduce the game to my brothers and I. I lived in Vienna, Austria for two and half years from 5-7. We managed to locate what must have been one of the only cricket clubs in the country and that is where it all started.

3. Who were your cricketing heroes whilst growing up?
Andrew Flintoff was definitely my hero growing him up along with Shane Warne.

4. Was your family supportive when you started off with Cricket? Was it ever hard for you to convince them?
My family have always been incredibly supportive. My dad and my brother, Patrick are both keen cricketers and my Mum has developed a big interest over the years as a result so I get lots of support.

5. What do you enjoy the most on the field? Is it lofting the ball over boundaries, or breaking stumps or fielding?
For me, it's the fielding innings that I enjoy the most. Bowling in pressure situations or at a time when we need wickets.

6. If not Cricket, where else would you have landed up in your Career?
I play a lot of hockey and have recently received my first international cap. Unfortunately it can be hard to balance them both. This year I am in my final year of school and have had to take a step back from cricket allowing also for some more time for hockey.

7. Any major challenges that you faced all these years? How do you feel can those challenges be addressed?
The biggest challenge for me has been balancing school and both sports, cricket and hockey. It has always been a toss up between the two sports and can be hard to balance at times. I don't like ever having to choose between the two but at times I have been forced to due to clashes in the schedule.

8. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
As I am not playing this year it's hard to say really. However, I know the girls have been working exceptionally hard and their hard work has paid off having just won't the T20 WWCQ in Thailand. No doubt they will now be totally focused on the World Cup in India and then go from there. Personally, I don't know what's next with cricket but will have to wait and see after I finish school.

9. What would be that one goal of your life to achieve as a Cricketer?
As a cricketer the dream for me has always been to compete in world cups. I have been lucky enough to be at one T20 World Cup in Bangladesh which was incredible.

10. Which do you feel has been the biggest highlight of your sporting career so far? Any achievements or rewards that you cherish the most.
In terms of cricket, beating Holland to qualify for the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh was a real highlight. That along with beating Pakistan in Qatar in January 2014. And of course playing at World Cup was an experience I will never forget.

11. There are a lot of men’s T20 leagues like the IPL, CPL, BPL, the Big Bash, etc which have been very successful recently. Do you think there is a need for a similar league for women?
There is a huge need for these tournaments for women. The WBBL has just started up in Australia which is a massive development for women's cricket. International players from all over the world have been brought into the various teams to play and the standard will be very high.

12. What do you feel is the future of Women's Cricket in your Country?
Hopefully the future in Ireland will see a growth in the game, development of young players and further success on an international stage. The year ahead is hugely exciting for the girls. It will and has already hugely raised the profile of Irish women's cricket which is a credit to the girls.

13. Who would you credit most for your success and why?
My parents deserve much of the credit. They have endlessly driven me around, supported me and helped me. I am so grateful for them.

14. Your advice to the youngsters taking up Cricket as a career?
Work hard, be disciplined and don't let bad patches define you as a player. Play without fear.

15. One thing that you want us (Global Cricket Community) to do for the Cricket Community and why?
Keep raising the profile of Women's cricket around the world as much as you can!

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