1. Tell us about yourself?

Full Name : Akash Panchal

Date of Birth : 10/1/95
Playing Role : All Rounder
Batting Style : Middle Order (T20)
Bowling Style : Off Spin bowler
Country : Spain

2. What age did you start playing Cricket? How did you get in touch with the game?
I play for Spain. I have been here 9 years originally from Birmingham. 
Play a good standard of cricket. Around 12 years old. Started playing in backgarden with my brother.

3. Who were your cricketing heroes whilst growing up?
Sachin Tendulkar & Shane Warne.

4. Was your family supportive when you started off with Cricket? Was it ever hard for you to convince them?
Very supportive and no wasn't hard to convince. Always helping me and letting me to what I wanted to achieve.

5. What do you enjoy the most on the field? Is it lofting the ball over boundaries, or breaking stumps or fielding?
All 3 to be honest.

6. If not Cricket, where else would you have landed up in your Career?
Not exactly sure. Have always wanted to be involved with cricket.

7. Any major challenges that you faced all these years? How do you feel can those challenges be addressed?
A big challenge for me was getting my self to best and perform the best. Also getting my self into the national team.

8. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
Hopefully win as many ICC Tournaments as we can. Make Spain a better place for cricket. Make it well known.

9. What would be that one goal of your life to achieve as a Cricketer?
To make a living in the sport I love.

10. Which do you feel has been the biggest highlight of your sporting career so far? Any achievements or rewards that you cherish the most.
When I was picked to play for Spanish under 19s in isle of man.

11. There are a lot of men’s T20 leagues like the IPL, CPL, BPL, the Big Bash, etc which have been very successful recently. Do you think there is a need for a similar league for women?
The IPL for me has been the biggest hit. And I don.'t see why the women shouldn't be doing the same.

12. Who would you credit most for your success and why?
My coaches friends and family for helping me progress and stick to it.

13. Your advice to the youngsters taking up Cricket as a career?
Enjoy it and never regret it. 

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