Alessandro Ronald Sabelli is the Captain of Stone Tower Cricket Club based in Italy. He has also served as the Captain of Italy National Cricket Team. Besides leading the team, he is also a Coach for men and women youth Cricket team. Alessandro has played Cricket all his life. Between 2011 - 2013, he played for Capannelle Cricket Club and later founded Stone Tower Cricket Club where he is currently serving as a Coach and Club Manager. Every year he visits England to play with Clubs like Stony Stratford Cricket Club, Kensington Cricket Club and Epsom Cricket Club. Alessandro has been a keen Cricket promoter in the region and wants to see more and more italians joining the Cricket team. Reason, Italian movement was born to spread the awareness of the game. Global Cricket Community wish Alessandro and Cricket Italy a very successful year ahead.

1. Tell us about yourself?Alessandro Ronald Sabelli Italy National Cricket Team Captain

Full Name: Alessandro Ronald Sabelli
Date of Birth: 27/01/1986
Gender: Male
Playing Role: Captain/Coach, Opening Batsmen
Batting Style: very unortodox
Bowling Style: medium pace, off-spinner
Address: via del casale di Sant’angelo 350 Fiumicino (Rome)
Country: Italy

2. Currently where are you playing cricket? Since how long are you playing cricket? What level of cricket have you played so far?
I play cricket for Stone Tower Cricket Club (founded in 2012 by me – I’m the coach for the men and women and youths and the captain of the seniors, and manager of the club), this year in Serie B (second Italian league). I’ve been playing cricket all my life, since 2008 in Italy. Alessandro Ronald Sabelli Cricket Player from Italy(from 2011 for 2 years with Capannelle CC then from 2013 with Stone Tower CC).
I played in Top League (Serie A with Capannelle CC, then Serie C with Stone Tower CC and then Serie B with Stone Tower CC, then every year I travel, especially to England to play with Stony Stratford CC, Kensington CC and Epsom CC – in England)

3. Do you play for any club or a team? Mention their names? When was it founded? Where are you working currently?
Currently I work for my club (Stone Tower ASD, we have the Cricket Club, and also we run the Athletics Department of an American University in Rome. We create sport project in any area ofNational Cricket Player from Italy sport, from fitness to sport trips).

4. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
In 5 years we will compete for the Italian Series A in both men and women leagues.
We will need to focus on the field and nets, they are a very important to improve the club and the teams, and also on the women and youths, to create a great club.

5. Do you have any website or facebook page? Mention their links.
Facebook page: ASD Stone Tower – Stone Tower Cricket Club 
Twitter: Stone Tower CC

Cricket Player from Stone Tower Cricket Club6. Any recent achievements/activities that you had. (It could be organising a small camp, or just playing a match or organising a cricket camp, playing a tournament series) Do mention the date.
We play in the federation leagues. Also we participate in international tournaments (Pepsi Cup Prague). I usually travel around to play (Wien Winter Cup, and England), we run school cricket classes near Rome during PE classes.

6. Would you like to come to India for a tournament or a coaching camp? Or do you want to travel any other country( if Yes, please mention the name)?
I would love to come to India for cricket. Last year I've been to Sri Lanka and this winter I’ll be in India/Australia/New Zealand probably. Playing cricket and visiting.Italy National Cricket team Players

7. What are the challenges you are facing in your country's cricket? If any, how do you feel to overcome those challenges?
The biggest challenge is letting Italian people getting closer to cricket and trying to let the federation understand that we need more Italians in the national teams. We already developed a good “Italian movement”, our Italians are making the difference in the league!

8. One thing that you instantly need that would boost the involvement of people in your country's cricket?
We would need a more focused programs on Italian players by the federation and field and nets.

Alessandro Ronald Bowling9. Tell in brief (One paragraph). Which country were you supporting this World Cup? And Why?
I support England, simply because I was born there, I still don’t understand why KP is not playing for England!
I love Australia with their all young aggressive batsmen. I still don’t understand why KP is not playing for England!

10. Do you know an active club from your country? Name and when was it founded.
The most active clubs in Italy are Stone Tower CC, that is running a lot of projects (school and tournaments and tours) and also Capannelle CC.

11. Would you like to nominate that club for a free website from Global Cricket Community?

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