North Shore Cricket club (NSCC) was formed in 1921. The club had won a few divisional matches in the year 1955 and 1972. The Club built their second XI in 1980 and third XI in 1985. With the growth in Junior section the club managed to built their Fourth XI in 1991. Finally a fourth team was added to the roof of the club called “Colts” junior team in 1998. The club played in the second division and after winning the title in 1994, the club was promoted to the top division.

The Club has completed the 93rd year in 2013. It caters to 3 teams, who play in the British Columbia Mainland Cricket league (BCMCL) with a level of play to suit Enthusiast from junior to experienced, & also competitive cricketers. Home ground of the North Shore Cricket Club is based in Norgate Park in North Vancouver, BC. 

  • North Shore I
  • North Shore II
  • North Shore III are the current team names of the NSCC.

North Shore I - plays in the Premier Division. North shore II - plays in the Division-3 and North Shore III - plays in the Division-5 of British Columbia Mainland Cricket League.


Matches played by the NSCC in a year: The club gives an equal exposure to the player in order to perform and reach to the next level of the game. North Shore Cricket Club plays on an average 54 matches every season.
Club always welcomes interested cricket players and cricket lovers. If any one is interested in joining the club, kindly contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We at wish you all the very best for further journey. For more articles about various cricket clubs around the world kindly visit other cricket club pages.

North Shore Cricket Club Website:

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