Compton Cicket Club LogoThe Compton Cricket Club is located in Compton City (southern Los Angeles County, California, United States), was founded in 1995 by Ted Hayes and Katy Haber. Compton Cricket Team consist comprised of a group of homeless men from Dome Village in LA. The Compton Cricket Club – The Homies & the POPz - have been dubbed "America's Team" and "US Ambassadors" of Good Will and Peace in the sporting world of Cricket. Their mission is to curb the negative effects of gang activities amongst the youth through the principles and ethics of Cricket. They have won the British Cup twice, the trophy of The LA Social Cricket Alliance (LASCA), against other worthy sides of British, Pakistani, Australian, Indian and South African migrant.

The Compton Homies and the Popz toured the UK three times in 1997, 1999 and 2001, sponsored by organizations including British Petroleum, Channel 4,, Lashings and Maxim Magazine. On November 14th, 2010 The Homies & the POPz were awarded the first annual Phil Lynch Award of the 2010 season by the Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance as the most social and sportsmanship team in the league.


Theo Hayes - Captain

Emidio Cazarez - Co-Captain

Danny Castaneda

Compton Cricket Club Team Steve "Huero" Castaneda

Ricardo Cazarez

Efraim Delucas

Raul Flores

Efrain Flores

Andreas Garcia

Isaac Hayes

John Jensen

Tyler Logan

Rick Miller

Sergeo Pinales

Bryan Robbins

Ricardo Salgado

Ted Hayes - Consultant, Co-Founder

Compton Cricket Club played Last Man Standing Tournament (LMS will breed a new generation of american born players, thus creating a vibrant community base for cricket expansion across the USA. Through this fast, shortened format, the top teams in the leagues will competed head to head in the Last Man Standing American Championships, where the winner will qualify to represent USA at the 2015 LAST MAN Standing World Champs in Barbados.)

 "The aim of playing cricket is to teach people how to respect themselves and respect authority so they stop killing each other"
            -- Team Founder, Compton Cricket Club, Ted Hayes


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