Merrimack Valley Cricket Club LogoMerrimack Valley Cricket Club is located in Boston, was founded in 2007 by group of cricket passionate. The club take participated in Massachusetts Cricket League for year 2008. Merrimack Valley Cricket Club have members from USA, India and England however there is one thing everyone shares - a love for game.

The clubs overall mission:

1. To maintain excellence on and off the field, upholding the spirit of the game.
2. To preserve and promote the multicultural traditions of the Club.
3. To ensure a strong and prosperous future of the club

At present Mr. Kalyan Verma is Captain and Mr. Phani Kumar is Vice Captain of Merrimack Valley Cricket Team.

Current Team:

  1. Abhishek ReddyMerrimack Valley Cricket Team Match
  2. Ajay Rodrigues
  3. Ashok Boora
  4. Anand Prakash
  5. Balakumar Ragunathan 
  6. Bhanu Chandra
  7. Kalyan Verma
  8. Mahes Suria
  9. Mukesh Nirmal
  10. Phani Kumar Putravu
  11. Raj Ardham
  12. Ravi Sharma
  13. Rupam Chakraborti
  14. Sanat Palia
  15. Vikram Venkatesh
  16. Vinoth Krishnamurthy
  17. Vishal Ahirrao
  18. Vivek Agarwal
  19. Yogesh Sable

Merrimack Valley Cricket Club is a non-profit organization.


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