Hale Barns Cricket Club (HBCC) was formed in 1947 at Cheshire by the ex-serviceman. Mr. John Nichols is the owner of the club. Hale Barns Cricket Club became one of the founder members of the Cheshire Cricket League in 1974. This was the first properly constituted league in the country and it was started with 14 clubs playing in the division and Hale Barns Cricket Club was one of them. Club had 2 teams until 1993. First XI and Second XI. Second XI have won the title of Championship in 1993.
Currently The club is running with 3 Senior teams who play in respective leagues and tournament. Club has 2 Saturday teams and 1 Sunday team. Club plays Friendly matches too on the weekends.
The Club not only plays with the local teams and local leagues but they also visit other cities as a tour.

Club has visited teams in British Colombia from Canada. XL club of Great Britain and Cheshire Cats. Hale Barns Cricket Club also tour to Devon each summer and played 6 matches against local sides. Lets know about the current status of the club. Club runs 3 senior teams, first 2 teams which are First XI and Second XI compete in the UK Fast Cheshire Cricket league. And Third XI compete in the Vivio Cheshire County Cricket League. HBCC also has one more team called Barnstormers who plays friendly matches on every Sunday. The Club has scheduled more than 40 matches for this season from July to September 2016. Which include major league and division matches such as UK Fast Division 1 and friendly matches.

The Club knows the importance of Junior Cricket. They also have a section for Junior Cricket with more than 100 youngsters. The Club has 3 sections of the Junior Cricket mainly Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 who play in respective leagues and tournament according to their age groups. Once you complete your Under 15 sessions you will be promoted to the Third XI.

Practice sessions for the juniors are conducted on every Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening. The club has their own ground which help them to run the club. The club provides the ground on rent to the corporate teams.

Club Achievement and Records: Club has won 4 major trophies over the years.

  • Cheshire League 1st Division Championship in 1994
  • Cheshire League Midweek Cup Championship in 1995
  • Cheshire League 1st Division Championship in 1996
  • Cheshire Shield Championship in 2006.

The Club always needs a proper committee to grow and to progress in all the sections of Cricket. Hale Barns Cricket Club has committee members and sub committee members who always support the club. I have listed down the names and position of committee members.



Stuart Collins


Ade Mahon

Hon Chairman

John Petch

Hon Secretary

John Pope

Hon Treasure

Mike Hunter

1st XI Captain

Jordan Collins

2nd XI Captain

Christian Dodson

3rd XI Captain

Steve Odgen

Sunday XI Captain

Club always welcomes players from Cheshire and other countries who are really focus and interested in the game of Cricket.

Apart from Developing Cricket Players, the club also provide Umpire and Scorer Courses.

We at www.globalcricketcommunity.com wish you all the very best for your further journey. For more detailed information about the club kindly visit:   http://www.halebarnscc.co.uk/

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