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Køge Cricket Club located in Koge from Denmark country. Koge Cricket club – KKK is one of Denmark’s oldest cricket club and has existed since 1931. KKK are a friendly club playing cricket in the friendly city of Køge. The club is situated 30 kilometres from south of the capital city Copenhagen. There are 6 coaches in this clubs namely Mr. Jens White Rasser, Mr. Soren Sorensen, Mr. Mads Rasmussen, Mr. Farhat Shah and etc.

The club plays both Women and Men Cricket. The club currently has the first team in 2nd division, an old boy team, Miniput team and Little Team for youth. Recent Achievement is Old Boys Team won DM Gold and Miniput Team won DM Silver in 2015. Koge Cricket club also has clubhouse with assembly room and changing room facilities, indoor and outdoor practise sessions, available all according to time of year. Koge Cricket Club have everything in cricket training equipment.

Koge Cricket Club conducted a well-attended youth and senior training. KKK has a Master Club program initiated in Danish Cricket Federation (DCF) auspices. This program will strengthen clubs with active youth. The clubs participating can show good organization and have to find their own resources to help Danish cricket and other cricket clubs.

Some of the methods to strengthen youth cricket and hence clubs organization are mentioned on the Club website as

  • Quality in recruitment and retention of children
  • Marketing and visibility

Global Cricket Community congratulates Koge Cricket Club for their achievements in the recent years. GCC also appreciates the club for their approach to strengthen and promote youth cricket and wishes the club all the best for their future.

Køge Cricket Club - http://koegecricketclub.dk/

Koge Cricket Club - https://www.facebook.com/koegekricket

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