The Hills Cricket Club (THCC) is one of the oldest and most loved Cricket club from Ireland which was founded in early 90’s. The Club played the their first league called Inaugural Fingal League and won that league in 1936 and 1941. Mr. Gerry Byrne was the first chairman of the club. As the time passed and because of the hard work club has entered in the Leinster League in the 1970.
The Hills Cricket Club formed their second team in 1972 and Third team in 1973. During the period up to 1977 club used Makeshift Club house  and in 1977 a timber constructed building was erected.

Current Status:

Lets know about the current status of the club: It caters to both the section men’s as well as women’s. It also boasts a very strong underage section with both girls and boys sides. The Club was the all Ireland Champions in 2012 and 2014. The players have represented Ireland and Leinster, from the senior men’s team down to the underage sides. The Club has 4 senior men’s teams and 2 senior women teams who participate in the leagues matches across the Ireland and represents other tournaments.  
Club has a youth teams of boys and girl. Girls section include Under 13 and Under 15 team. Boys section include under 11 team.


Tournaments played by the team and won the respective title for the club. I have list down the name of the tournament and title

  • Fingal League
  • Intermediate Cup
  • Whelan Cup
  • Gerry Byrne Cup
  • All Ireland Junior Cup
  • Senior 11 league Fingal
  • Tillain Cup
  • Conqueror Cup
  • 50 over Cup
  • Sean Mc Grath Cup
  • Yates hale Cup
  • YMCA Salver
  • Leinster Senior Cup
  • Alan Murray T20 Cup
  • Leinster ladies Senior 2 League
  • Girls Under 13 Pilkington Cup
  • Bob Kerr All Ireland Senior Cup
  • RSA All Ireland Senior Cup and many more.

Women’s Cricket:

As I have already mentioned club caters to 2 women’s team and both the teams get equal opportunity to perform and showcase their skills. Club schedules more than 10 matches to each team in respective division. Club also participates in friendly matches.

The Hills Cricket Club welcomes players and provides a membership to the players and cricket lovers. If any one would like to join the club kindly visit the official website of the club: http://thehillscricketclub.ie/

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