Stuttgart Cricket Club LogoStuttgart Cricket Club is located in Leonberg from Germany, founded on 2011 by Supun Rathnasinghe, Buwaneka Bandara, Mekhala Peiris Judit Bolke and Verena Ruhunuhewa - Dittirch. Since then Stuttgart Cricket Club are playing in the German league representing the historical city of Stuttgart. Stuttgart Cricket club made its way to be the runners-up in the league of Baden-Württemberg in 2012 which was maiden vogue.

The SCV have been able to be the runners up in 2013 in T-20 league as well as to be the Runners up in the 50 overs league in 2014. Stuttgart Cricket Club best achievement so far was to be the champions of the Baden-Württemberg League and the Süddeutsche Meister 2015. Stuttgart Cricket Club were even able to reach the semi-finals in the Deutsche Meisterschaft 2015.

The Club continues to strive bringing a dynamic, professional and entertaining brand of cricket to those who love cricket. As a club Stuttgart Cricket Club take cricket seriously but the theme is to “Enjoy”. Stuttgart Cricket Club currently runs two teams in the BW League: one in Bundesliga, one in Regionalliga. Practice sessions are organized by club team management in respective to weather, player’s availability, etc in Eberhard Bauer Stadium, Esslingen.

Achievements of Stuttgart Cricket Club:

  • Year 2015 - BWCV - 50 Overs Bundesliga Südwest Champion
  • Year 2014 – BWCV – 50 Overs Runner-up
  • Year 2013 – BWCV – 20 Overs Runner-up
  • Year 2012 – BWCV – 50 Overs Runner-up

Executive Committee Team of Stuttgart Cricket Club:

  • President – Roshan Ranasinghe
  • Vice-President- Aravinda Ruhunuhewa
  • Secretary - Yvonne Schubert
  • Treasurer – Sanjeewa Parera

Stuttgart Cricket Club -

Stuttgart Cricket Club -

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