VRA Cricket Club LogoVRA Cricket club is located in Amstelveen from Netherlands, Founded on March 23, 1882. The original roots date back from 1882 when famous Dutch post Herman Gorter started playing cricket in the Vonderpark and Museumplein from Netherlands country. The originating clubs Volharing R.A.P. and Amstelsch, were merged together into VRA in 1914. Over the past decade, VRA Cricket club has hosted several international matches of countries like Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and other Associate Countries.

Cricket at VRA means playing, exercising and socializing in one of the finest sports complexes in the Netherlands Country. VRA Cricket club currently has about 250 members, most of them actively playing in any of the VRA 11 team in various leagues. VRA Cricket club has 2 Coaches namely Mr. Bacchus and Mr. Cooper leading a National Team.  Today VRA is based in the Amsterdam’s Boss, playing with 10 Senior Team and 5 Youth Teams on 3 Pitches, 1 of them Turf.

Management Committee of VRA Cricket Club is -

Chairman – Mr. Dorien Rauwerda

Secretary – Mr. Tobias Maessen

Financial Officer – Mr. Peter Van Gulik

Website: http://www.vra.nl/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VRACricketClub

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