Dortmund Cricket Club was founded in 1987 by many players namely Edirimasingham Ranjan, Brighton, Kumarachelvan, Wijeya Ragavan, Selvarah,  Bharatirajan, Nicolas Augustin Rajah, Krishna, Suresh, Siva and Ravi Navaratnam Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Indian and German players. Majority of the founders are from Sri Lanka and Germany. Dortmund Cricket Club placed at Solmstr 19, 44359, Dortmund, Germany. At early stages, club din’t have any equipment for playing cricket and they din’t have any club ground to play. At the beginning of Dortmund Cricket Club, they started playing with soft ball whenever they got chance to play.
From the year 1991, Dortmund Cricket Club started taking part in cricket tournaments held around Germany. In year 1997, they started engaging with several other clubs as well as with British Army. Dortmund Cricket Club participated in tournaments held in Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, France, Luxembourg and England. By the year 2003, Dortmund Cricket Club had played in over 78 tournaments, out of 78 they won 53 championship and for 15 times they remain as a Runner Up.

Dortmund Cricket Club - Team

In 2004 Dortmund Cricket Club became an e.V and was joined by some Indian players along with this they became member of NRW Cricket Union e.V and decided to play only Hard Ball Cricket. At present Dortmund Cricket Club e.V have players from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Germany.

Recently Dortmund Cricket Club became NRWCU T20 games (North-Rhine Westfalia Cricket Union) champions. This was the 10th time they become NRWCU champions. They are a record holding T-20 champions. Apart from this the club accomplishes boundless success in European Tournaments, Starting from become champions in England and Switzerland and claim 9 runners up places in Holland, France and Denmark. Dortmund CC is a proud member and associated with several German sports and cricket unions, which helps the team to fully engage with the German Sporting Community.

Dortmund Cricket Club also have Youth Development Programmes and 2 of them represent Germany in International Matches. Dortmund offer to youths and the wider community, yet without the security of having their own grounds, Dortmund Cricket Club youth development activities are severely impeded. Currently, they rely on cricket pitches in Bochum, Koln and Bonn.

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Global Cricket Community congratulates Dortmund CC for its huge accomplishments and the high quality cricket provided by the club to the players in Dortmund. GCC wishes all the best to Dortmund CC for its future.

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