Shanghai Cricket Club (SCC) is based at the city of Shanghai, China. The club was founded back in 1858, when first game was played between a team of officers from HMS Highflyer and Shanghai 11. After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the club was re-established in 1994 by expatriates living in the city and has since grown to over 300 members. The Shanghai Cricket Club administers a three division league in which 8 member clubs and associate teams play. The SCC also hosts an invitational sixes tournament and plays annual matches with Hong Kong Cricket Club. The club hosts touring sides to Shanghai, as the past tourists include the Marylebone Cricket Club, the Beijing Cricket Club, Kowloon Cricket Club, and Lamma Cricket Club from Hong Kong to name a few.

Shanghai Cricket Club’s Mission:

The Shanghai Cricket Club is a sports club that provides the best services and facilities to our members while ensuring our unique sporting culture and heritage are enhanced and appreciated within the community.

Shanghai Cricket Club’s Values:

The club prides itself on the respect and esteem it has earned. As a club, we respect our fellow members, their abilities and views and we work as a common team towards our goals. By pursuing excellence on and off the pitch, we earn the respect of our fellow members and the greater cricketing community in Asia.

Bokhara Bell, China Cup, Breezer Challenge Trophy, China Cup, Opium Bowl, Aviator's Cup, Pyongyang Friendship Trophy these are the Trophies the SCC has won and are proudly displayed in the Shanghai Trophy Case. Bashers Cricket Club, Daredevils Cricket Club DPR Hot Dogs, Pudong Cricket Club Dukes Cricket Club, Dulwich Knights, K2 CCC, Leopards Cricket Club these are the member clubs of Shanghai Cricket Club.

Dragons and Pirates are representative teams of Shanghai Cricket Club. The Dragons are the Shanghai Cricket Club’s representative team. Drawn from the best cricket players in the city, the Dragons tour throughout Asia and host international teams in Shanghai. The Dragons have also participated in most of the major tournaments on the Asian Cricket Sixes Tour, winning in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila and Phuket. Founded in Hong Kong in 2005 for the Hong Kong Cricket Sixes Festival, the Pirates are comprised of representatives of all eight member clubs and associate teams in Shanghai and regularly join the Dragons on tours throughout Asia. The Pirates are the Shanghai Cricket Club’s social side and a heavy focus is placed on social activities and touring.

Global Cricket Community appreciates and congratulates Shanghai Cricket Club for its amazing achievements. We at GCC are glad to promote genuine and quality cricket clubs throughout the world. GCC wishes Shanghai Cricket Club all the very best for their future.

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