The Hong Kong Cricket Club is one of the fast growing and well managed Cricket Club from Hong Kong Island. The club has a strong history as the club was founded in 1851 since then the club has introduced to many other sports with Cricket. The club also runs other sports such as Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Lawn Balls, Netballs, Rugby, Squash, Tennis, Table Tennis.

The introduction to cricket was held in 1851 on the Military Parade Ground the club has an objective of promoting the game of Cricket, Tennis, Croquet and other athletic sports and pastimes. The club has provided one of the Asia's leading facilities, ensuring each and every player has an opportunity to improve their game to the next level.

The club also provides an equal opportunity to the youth as well as Women’s to involve in the game of Cricket. For the Junior Cricket the club organizes a Programme called “Gappers” by the name of the president of the club. Through this program the club exposes more than FOUR HUNDRED children under the age of 13 to the game every week. In addition to this the club has 15 junior sides in competitive cricket with both Junior Girls and Boys. Which covers the age group of Under 11, Under 13 , Under 15 and Under 17 level.

The club also has 6 Senior teams who plays both Saturday and Sunday Cricket during the season of September to May. From these teams players get an opportunity to perform in the Premier League XI. Who competes in all the formats against Hong Kong's strongest domestic competitors.
The practice sessions for the men’s senior teams on every Tuesday and Thursday are conducted from 7:30 pm onwards.
Hong Kong Cricket Club also promotes Women’s Cricket by running two Ladies teams namely HKCC Willow Wielders' and 'HKCC Cavaliers'. who compete in both the formats such as T20 and 35 Overs matches in China and Hong Kong.
The Women’s teams practice sessions takes place every Friday form 6:30 pm onwards.

The club has assigned 4 full time Coaches for all the teams, who take care of each and every player's skills. The club also provides one to one training as well as group training to the players.

Head Coach:
Name: Craig Wright
Certification: ECB level 4 Coach
Experience: Craig Wright was a former captain and head coach of Scotland. He has played 194 matches for Scotland. He also played 20 ODI matches and 16 first Class matches in his career.

The club has 3 Cricket Nets and Center Wicket for the playing of Indoor and Outdoor matches. The club has added some technological facilities to their stuff such as Hawk- Eye technology, Bowling Machines etc. Cricket Ground is always open for the players in order to practice.

We at wish you all the very best for further journey in Cricket. Keep playing cricket and keep supporting us.

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