Friends Cricket Club is based in Sultanate, Oman. The club was formed in 2007 and it is today a premier sports and social club in Sultanate. It is the first Voguish sports club in Oman, with a supreme admire and devotion towards the ‘Art of Cricket’. Friends cricket club was started in 2007 with only 22 members who were working in several companies and communities.
The club has played its first divisional league match in 2008-2009 in Oman Premier League. The club has started with the hall mark of “concern for the cricket” which help them to set the vision of “Play winning cricket and to emphasize team spirit”

Club has a mission “To encourage the participation of all children and young adults from the local community in cricket. The club has values towards cricket are as follows

Integrity – Treat all people with dignity and respect.
Quality – always strive, on and off the field, to improve the things we do.
Collaborative Relationships – Working together with members, families and sponsors to achieve positive results.
Responsibility – Commit to actions and attitudes to ensure the best possible outcomes for the club and community.

Currently the club has a strong committee of youth who ensure the growth of cricket club in Oman.
1) Nowfal Raymarakkar – CEO
2) Biradar Sachin Kumar – Team Manager
3) Shareer I.K.M – Team Spokesperson
4) Shiju V.S – Technical Advisor

Friends Cricket club currently has 26 players who are currently playing in the ‘D’ division of Oman Cricket League matches.

Friends Cricket Club :

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