Lanka Lion is the Sri Lankan community who have started a club in UAE in 1977.  Mr. Ranil De Silva is the current president of Lanka Lions Sports club. Mr. Ranil De Silva and his committee has been working for the development of cricket in UAE. Initial The club had started with 15 members and the club has done major growth in this numbers on the basis of their seriousness and focus on the game. Currently the club has more than 350 active members. 

Lanka Lion Cricket Club provides the high-end coaching to the players currently Mr. Aruna Banadaranayake is working their as a head coach and Mr. Randesh Vaas is the another coach they have provided to the players.

These are the few achievements of Lanka Lions Sports Club. The club has produced 5 under-19 national team players for UAE national team namely Wruna Parera (Captain), Kulith Rabel, Renaldi Dias, M.Shafri and Rajith Guruge who are currently playing for Lanka Lions Sports club in all formats across the leagues.
Lanka Cricket club is playing Division “A” and “B” tournaments they have also played 4 major tournament in the year 2014-2015 which are:

Open Indoor cricket
Corporate 6 a side cricket                                                                          
Dubai- Sharjah Tournament.
Inter School 6 a side Cricket.

Lanka lions Sports club also have so many awards on their name few of them have mention below.
1) Winners of Desert Cubs T20 Quadrangular tournament.
2)  Participated in Dubai Cricket Council’s Ramadan T20 League.
3)  Skyline Ramadan T20 Tournament Lanka Lions Blues qualified for the finals.
4)  Unbeaten so far in Insports Ramadan Indoor Cricket Tournament.
Lanka Lion played 4 times Bukhtir League and they have won the title once and became the runner ups for remaining 3 times.

The club has proper schedule and proper management facilities for the player. Lanka Lions 22nd annual inter school cricket sixes and Sharjah tournament this are the major event in which the club is going to participate in 2016.

It was nice knowing the proper club From UAE. We at wish you all the very best for your further journey of cricket.
Lanka Lions Sports Club - UAE :

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