Awali Cricket Club - Bahrain

What you people think about cricket structure in Bahrain? In todays article we will be knowing the cricket structure of Awali Cricket Club. Awali Cricket club is based in Awali Oval. The club was founded by Mr. David Starkie and his committee members who are working hard for the development of the club.

Lets talk about few facts of Awali Cricket Club. Awali cricket club have maximum facilities for the members and also for the players. Awali cricket clubs have 5 out field for out door practices. Namely Awali Oval ground, BCL 8, Public Security ground, Sri lanka Ground, Rugby club. Awali cricket club has 6 senior teams and around 55 players in the Club. Awali cricket club has played 6 league matches from year 2007. Awali cricket has 6 men’s team such as

  • Awali Bapco
  • Awali Gentleman
  • Awali Taverners
  • President’s XI
  • Captain’s XI
  • Awali

As I have already mentioned Awali cricket club has played 6 league matches and 1 cup are as follows

  • Bahrain Cricket league 2011
  • Bahrain cricket Association 2009
  • Bahrain Cricket Association 2008
  • Corporate league 2008
  • Bahrain Cricket Association 2007
  • Corporate League 2007

Cup Tournament:

  • BCL knockout Cup 2011

We are very fortunate to know about Awali cricket club, Bahrain. I hope you people have enjoyed knowing this club structure and progress in cricket. We will come up various clubs through out the globe stayed tuned and stay happy.

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