Tripunithura Cricket Club is based in Kochi, India. Cricket was unknown to the royal town of Tripunithura, few of the young princess used to play this game on a crude concrete wicket as a prince's club (As tripunithura cricket club was known which was only open for the male members from Cochin Royalty).

Today the club has grown in terms of membership and events. A full-fledged indoor cricket facility has come up at the Palace Oval.  Currently the club has conducted the coaching camps for young cricketers which help them to grow as a player they provide proper guidance and support to young cricketers.
Apart from cricket, the club also played various other sports which include Shuttle Badminton, Snooker and Table Tennis. The club also actively involve in other social cultural activities of the town.

The club is also known for the Pooja Knockout Tournament, the club has conducted this tournament from past 60 years and many of the Indian cricketers have participated in this tournament.

Current Committee of Tripunithura Cricket Club:

Mr. Thomas Paul – President
Mr. Sabi John - secretary
Mr. R Haridas- Treasure
Mr. Jayan M G – Joint secretary
Mr. C K Prathapan – Vice president

Currently the club running two senior team Team A and Team B. Mr. Aphsal A is the captain of team A and the current squad of team a as follows.

Shine M C (Vice Captain)
Shifas (Wicket Keeper)
Jomin Joseph
Nitheesh M D
Anil Chandrasekhar
Midhun S
Marath Jayan
Sooraj C S
Jobi Vincent
Arun Kumar
Rinoj Methew
Alesio Alex
Basil Methew
Arun M

Mr. Sarath is the captain of Team B and the team consist of following players

Akhil V Nair ( Wicket Keeper)
Abhishek Surendran
Ameer Zeeshan
Vishnu Anandhan
Arun V Nair
Aju Mon
Muhammed Ajmal
Afrad Zheeshan
Ashwin K B
Dheeraj Menon

Tripunithura cricket club –




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