Sagar Harilal Gupta, and emerging player from Valia College, Mumbai is currently pursuing his studies in field. Sagar is currently 20 and has bagged numerous awards and recognitions to his name. He started playing cricket at the age of 12. Currently he is playing for Marwari Cricket Club and recently he made it to the news after taking 3 Wickets for 28 runs against Maskati Cricket Club.

Coach Ramdas Parab mentored Sagar in his initial days. It was Ramdas Sir who spotted the talent in him and then went on to groom his talent. Sagar has so far played Govardhan Das trophy, Bombay Trophy, Kurla Bapat trophy, Kanga League and Mahim Dadar Trophy. Recently his team from Valia College participated in Inter College University tournament. Sagar’s love for sports is not just limited to cricket; he has also represented his college for Softball tournaments.

Well the list of achievement's doesn't end here. The multi talented sports player Sagar has also keen interest in Baseball. He participated in various baseball tournaments and has thrice represented Mumbai University.

Global Cricket Community wishes Sagar and Cricket enthusiasts like him, a very happy cricket career ahead. In Mumbai, the competition levels in cricket are always at its peak. In order to get recognized, Player’s need to perform extremely well. And there are thousands of player playing on Mumbai streets, Mumbai grounds, struggling really hard to secure their place in the Cricket World. We salute your efforts and at the same time respect your love for Cricket.

Cricket related pictures of Sagar Gupta 

Baseball related pictures of Sagar Gupta 

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It was 1st of March, 2015 and the match was played between M.C.B and the rest of M.C.B. Both the teams were equally excited for this match and the morning drizzleTeam M.C.B somewhat left us confused. In the month of March, we generally don’t expect rains in India. But then, things were already planned for both the teams. As soon as the team’s gathered at the ground, it stopped drizzling and sun came shining on us, as if blessing both the teams just before the start of the match.

The excitement’s were back again and rest of M.C.B captain Mr.Tushar Sawant elected to bat first after winning the toss. Prathamesh was leading M.C.B Side.  It was a 10 Over’s match and things started pretty well. The opponent team M.C.B had some excellent bowlers who made it difficult for the batting team to score runs. Although, the pitch had some uneven bounces and it restricted the batsman from scoring runs. M.C.B being the local team was playing at their home ground and looked pretty confident throwing bouncers at regular intervals. After the 10 overs were bowled, Team Rest of MCB scored just 39 runs losing all its ten wickets.

"Inspire others to play Cricket.

Empower others to live cricket.

Celebrate the love of Cricket."

Team M.C.B needed just 40 runs from 10 over’s and this looked quite simple for them. Their batsman dominated Rest of M.C.B bowler’s with some big shots and the pressure was now mounting on the Rest of M.C.B. Although they did manage to take some wickets in the initial over’s sending away the opening pair of M.C.B. But the middle order batsman played quite well, getting a partnership of 23 runs. They won the match in just 7.2 over’s.

The objective of this match was to promote the Local Community Cricket in India. In India, people don’t need a reason to play Cricket. All they need is a holiday from their busy schedules. It’s so much of fun, when people who are strangers, don’t know each other’s by name, but they know each other from their specialty, i.e whether is a fast bowler or a spinner, or a hard hitting batsman. The local Cricket in India is equally exciting as the professional cricket. Although most of the player’s get time only on Sunday’s, but then they regret not playing on other week days. A game’s popularity depends upon its fans and followers. I think the reason behind India’s prowess in cricket is the love and support they get from the local cricket community. So let us come together, develop an active cricket community.

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