Vansh Makwana - A 7 year old talent in the Making

Among all the dreams that are dwelling in Indian boys and in their heart, one such dream belongs to a 7 and half year old young boy from Gujarat. A dream to play for IndianVansh Makwana Cricket Team and it’s a dream to represent our country at a National level. It’s been just 2 years he started playing cricket. And It was great to know that he has already planned his future in cricket.

Vansh Jeetendra Makwana born in 2007 stays in Gandhidham , a place in Gujarat with his family. His dad Mr. Jeetendra Makwana who is also a coach is an inspiration to his son. Vansh is currently studying in second standard and his emotion towards cricket is worth appreciating. He says that the last two years were the best days of his life. Not to forget, he started playing cricket just two years back. Vansh is currently playing under Kutch District Rural Cricket Association, Mr.Ashwani Kachchava being his cricket coach.

Talking about Vansh’s Cricket technicalities, He is a right hand batsman and a right arm off Spinner. Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar are his idols and staright drive is what he loves to play. He practices 2 hours every day at his club. Vansh plays 60-75 balls everyday and bowls 4 – 5 over’s every day in these 2 hours. Vansh enjoys opening the match innings. Well I could see another Virat Kohli gearing up, this time from Gujarat.

Other than Cricket, Vansh loves to play football. Vansh’s father was himself a cricketer and he is not very surprised seeing Vansh play tactfully at such an early age. The other day Mr.Jeetendra Makwana told me that Vansh can play almost all the cricket shots and he is excellent in bowling as well. What surprised me the most was that he plays to senior fast bowlers as well in the nets. Vansh’s father is proud of his son and he is his real inspiration. You never know, Vansh could be another Cricket superstar in few years. Global Cricket Community gives you best wishes. We are proud of you and your efforts.


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