Global Cricket Community visited Centurion Cricket Academy based in the heart of a developing City, Kalyan. Centurion Cricket Academy is founded by Coach Mr.Mahesh Hatkar.Global Cricket Community visited Centurion Cricket Academy Mahesh, who is an ECB Certified Level 2 Coach, started the academy with an objective of nurturing raw talents from this secluded place, which never had any Cricket Academy. And guess what, he is exactly on his way fulfilling his objective, living his dream and enjoying coaching young kids from this city cum rural place.

Centurion Cricket Academy is situated in Barave Gaon, near Gagangiri Complex and one can easily reach there in 20 minutes from Kalyan Station via roads. The academy was inaugurated last month in April, 2015 and has attracted 20 kids in just a month. It was a treat to watch these young kids, supporting each other and creating a friendly aura around the Academy. They hardly played any cricket before and started playing Cricket just a month ago, but their passion and zeal was commendable. Kids ranging from the age 5 to age 14 were part of this Academy and they helped each other while putting on their pads, getting on their gloves, adjusting their helmets. Moreover, it was their innocence that captured our eyes. They neither Coach Mahesh Hatkar with Global Leader Vishal Yadavhad any competitions amongst each other, nor desire to win over another. It was purely the love they had for the game, which brought them here.

Global Cricket Community had the opportunity to talk to Coach Mr.Mahesh Hatkar who shared his wonderful views about these kids. Mahesh also told us that he completely enjoys coaching young kids and he gets to learn a lot of things from them.

So anybody, who stays in Kalyan or nearby Kalyan, kindly drop your visit at Centurion cricket Academy and watch these budding future cricketers. And students who are interested to join the Academy can pay a visit there. The timings are as follows:

Morning: 07.00 am - 9.00 am                Evening: 04.00 pm – 6.00 pm

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