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Tymal Mills vs Irfan Pathan

Tymal Mills vs Irfan PathanToday we will be comparing two bowlers of International cricket playing against each other today at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. This is more important for RCB to win each and every match in order to get qualify for the further round of IPL. Today's article is about Indian former pace bowler Irfan Pathan and England pace bowler Tymal Mills. Irfan Pathan who was out of the first few matches of this season but he back in his team and ready to swing the bowl. At the other hand, we have Tymal Mills who was bought by the franchise at 12 Crore was one of the highest bid this season. Tymal was playing his IPL debut season for RCB and doing quite well. Tymal Mills can play an important role in the absence of Mitchell Starc due to injury. Irfan and Tymal this comparison going to be the best comparison for this season as Irfan who has been a part of IPL since 2008 didn't play a single match for this season till now and Tymal who has played few matches for RCB this season. Now the question arises about Irfan could Irfan take the challenge and explore this season with the help of his previous experience in IPL or Tymal will dominate Irfan with his this year performance in International cricket??? Who will be the most successful bowler this season?? I think Tymal has an upper hand and I think Tymal will surely dominate Irfan in this and further all matches. What is your opinion do comment on our Facebook page and Twitter Account?

Let's have a look at their performance in IPL  2016 and 2017

Irfan has played total 4 matches in the last season but failed to took even a single wicket. This season Irfan going to play his first match today. Will he impress us with his bowling and make a permanent seat in the squad??

Belong side we have Tymal who has been playing his debut season. He has played total 5 matches and managed to take 5 wickets.Here is the plus point for Irfan to take over Tymal by taking maximum wickets in today's match and all the matches coming ahead.

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