About Sulakshan Kulkarni

Sulakshan Kashinath Kulkarni was born on 15th January, 1967. Apart from his academics, Sulakshan Kulkarni had keen interest in Cricket as well. Like every Indian boy, even he had this dream of playing for India one day. As he grew older, his performance and his dedication brought him very close to his dream. He started playing Cricket for his school team. His excellent performance paved his way towards success. His class and temperament gave his talent an actual boost and right from there, he never stopped. Sulakshan Kulkarni went on and on, to achieve whatever came his way. His only mantra of success was “Grab opportunities and act to achieve it." Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Railways and Vidharbha were the major teams Sulakshan Kulkarni played for. Today, that young boy has grown 47 years old and has bagged triple the achievements and rewards against his name. 

Achievements as a Coach

Sulakshan Kulkarni as a coach has various other records to his name. His journey of being a coach started way back in 2001 through his " Sulakshan Kulkarni Cricket Academy." Let us take a glimpse at his other successful stories.

1. Sulakshan Kulkarni is a Level II coach of National Cricket Academy - BCCI Bangalore) - April 2005.
2. In 2001, Sulakshan Kulkarni Cricket Academy produced several state, national and International Cricketers.
3. Under his guidance, Mumbai Under-19 team won 3 BCCI Tournaments from 2004 to 2008.
4. He coached Mumbai's Indian Oil Corporate Cricket Team from 2003 till 2009 where five International players such as Zaheer Khan, Wasim Jaffer, Rohit  Sharma, Chateshwar Pujara and Iqbal Siddiquie were a part of it.
5. Sulakshan Kulkarni guided many other teams to win All India Tournaments.  



Achievements, as a cricketer:

He started his first class career in the year 1985 and continued this for next 17 years. In these 17 years, Sulakshan Kulkarni scored 3332 runs with an average of 38.29, hitting 6 centuries and 13 half-centuries. Let’s take a brief look at his first class career.

First-Class Career Batting and Fielding (1985/86-2001/02)

Match Innings Not Outs Runs High Score Ave. 100s 50s Catch Stumpings
65 97 10 3332 239 38.29 6 13 122 21

He started his List A career just after his First class career and went on to achieve major milestones year after year.

Match Innings Not Outs Runs High Score Ave. 100s 50s Catch Stumpings
13 10 4 130 28 21.66 0 0 10 2

Well, it’s not over yet. The journey never stopped for him. Right from that day, Sulakshan Kulkarni gave wings to his Cricketing career and this path took him to success, everywhere he went. Here’s a list of teams for which Sulakshan Kulkarni has played for till date.


               OTHER LIST A

               West Zone (1986/87)

               Wills' XI (1986/87)

               Second Eleven Championship   

               Derbyshire Second XI (1993)

               MAIN LIST A                

               Bombay (1994/95-1995/96)

               Mumbai (1997/98)

               Madhya Pradesh (2001/02)

                OTHER FIRST CLASS

                West Zone (1987/88-1988/89)

                Rest of India (1987/88)

                India Under-25s (1987/88)


                MAIN FIRST CLASS

                Railways (India) (1985/86)

                Bombay (1986/87-1995/96)

                Assam (1991/92)

                Vidarbha (1992/93)

                Mumbai (1996/97-1998/99)

                Madhya Pradesh (2001/02)


                RANJI TROPHY              

                Railways (India) (1985/86)

                Bombay (1986/87-1995/96)

                Assam (1991/92)

                Vidarbha (1992/93)

                Mumbai (1996/97-1998/99)

                Madhya Pradesh (2001/02)


                Bombay Under-15s (1980/81-1981/82)

                Bombay Schools (1982/83-1984/85)

                West Zone Schools (1982/83-1983/84)

                West Zone Under-22s (1984/85)

                Indian Oil Corporation (2003/04)

 Global Cricket Community salutes his love and dedication for the game of Cricket. We are proud of you Sulakshan Kulkarni.

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