1. Tell us about your first experience with Cricket? What age did you get in contact with the game?
I always played in the garden, at the park or on holiday with my dad and older brother, they showed me the ropes and when i began to enjoy it, I joined at school and at my local cricket club.

I've had a love / hate relationship with it ever since, it has certainly given me a huge amount over the years, friendships are the most prominent.

2. How is Cricket in Jersey. Give us some insights on the overall Community and Professional Cricket?
From a women's prospective, its grown over recent years and is at quite a crucial point, I really hope it goes on to be plentiful and competitive across all age groups. It needs someone within JCB to be the main driving force behind it, and sadly I am not sure with recent funding cuts from ICC if there is the budget for it. Time will tell.

3. Who were your cricketing heroes whilst growing up?
I always adored Jonty Rhodes, his athleticism in the field and contribution with the bat middle to lower order. I always aspired to replicate his energy and passion when fielding. Without doubt Jonty Rhodes his enthusiasm, passion and athleticism in the field amazed me and I always gave everything during fielding drills and activities. Of course I never was able to replicate his incredible standards but I would like to think fielding is one of my strong elements.

Photo Credits : Sevil Oktem

4. Highlight some of the cricket leagues / tournaments taking place in Jersey this year?
Jersey boast a wonderful climate and many sought after cricket pitches. This May Jersey host WCL5 with teams travelling from Oman, Vanuatu and Tanzania. It puts Jersey on the world cricket map , and is a wonderful opportunity for girls, women and children to watch some live, high quality matches.

5. How do you view your influence on youngsters / team-members and whose success have you enjoyed the most from Jersey Cricket?
There is a couple if I am honest, a couple of the younger girls coming through I have worked with for a couple of years and watching them grow, develop and play with a smile on their face is a huge delight for me. A couple of the older players, shall we say, have also developed their technical and tactical awareness and for me this hugely rewarding. They weren't as fortunate as I was to be coached from an early age.

6. Run us through your initiative Crick-Fit. What was the idea behind it?
Its based upon my experiences as a coach, seeing girls find cricket slow, boring and uneventful. Crick-Fit is trying to break down these barriers whilst giving girls and women the opportunity to participate in a fun and engaging manner. It is not the perfect product, but the ideas and principles behind it I think are there.

7. Well, how does it feel to be awarded with ICC Women's cricket behind the scenes award.
I am still very much overwhelmed by it to be honest, it was certainly unexpected. I am however delighted to have been recognized by the highest echelons of cricket. It has also given me a belief and inspiration that Crick-Fit has some desirable qualities and i hope it will continue to encourage many more girls and women to participate in sport.

8. Who else are accompanying you with your Crick-Fit initiative. Highlight some of the recent progress & challenges faced
Its currently just me, I am very much in an exciting growing phase at present. Its always challenging to break down barriers and to convince coaches, teachers and governing bodies that they can try something different to the norm, change is not always accepted.

9. Where do you see Crick-Fit in the coming 5 years?
I hope it will have grown, and that I will have given it the time and effort it deserves. Other commitments have recently taken priority and rightly so. I hope that girls and women are able to participate in Crick-Fit and feel inspired and educated to participate in sport further.

10. A mentor / coach who has played a valuable role in your grooming and whom you would like to dedicate your achievements and successes?
As a coach my University lecturer has completely change my mind set when it comes to coaching, I now think outside the box, feel confident when I coach, and feel i have developed not only as a coach but as a person. For that I am truly grateful.

11. Take us through a match / series which you have enjoyed the most personally and is still fresh in your heart.
The Jersey Women travelled to Utrecht in 2012 as an unknown entity, we just wanted to play among like minded women from other countries, we had no expectations of winning a game. I was incredibly proud to be part of a team that was strongly united and everyone was playing for each other. I cant think of any other sporting team or event that I have been part of where every player was selfless. The team came first and it showed on the pitch.

12. How easy / difficult it is to pursue cricket in Jersey?
Like all places it can be challenging and also accessible. Jersey is a very competitive island for Sport, many representative teams are successful and competition for players is high. Sometimes we need to think outside the box when trying to attract new players.

13. Your take on Women's Cricket and how has it helped the entire Cricket ecosystem?
The women's game has developed massively over the last 5 years, central contracts for the England Women and now the Super Series. This means that the female game is prominent and girls playing the game can see role models on TV and at live matches around the country.

14. Your advice to the youngsters taking up Cricket as a career?
Don't forget to enjoy what you do, in a competitive team environment its easy to loose sight of fun and enjoyment. Always remember its a team game, even on a bad day at the office, you are still able to contribute to the overall team performance.

15. Your views on Global Cricket Community?
I think its a great forum and opportunity for coaches and players to network with each other regardless of level of ability or where in the world they enjoy cricket.

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