Mark Coles is a Multinational Coach who has an experience of Coaching in Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu. Mark has worked with ICC and Cricket Australia and is heavily involved with the Female Game in Australia and New Zealand. Mark was also appointed as the Head Coach for Vanuatu Cricket. Mark, who is a Cricket Australia and Cricket New Zealand Level 3 Coach has bagged several achievements and recommendations from his colleagues and Coaches for his excellent Coaching skills. Currently Mark is appointed as a Development Manager and Head Coach for Waikato Valley and ND Cricket, where he undertakes strategic planning for development of female cricketers. Global Cricket Community would like to wish you all the best for your future endeavours. 

1. Tell us about you?

Full Name: Mark Justin Coles
Date of Birth: 11/12/67
Gender: Male
Playing Role:
Batting Style: R/H
Bowling Style: RAM
Address: 160 Williams Street Cambridge Waikato 3434
Country: New Zealand

2. At Present: Are you a Coach, A cricket player, A cricket related business, A club Owner, A cricket Fan? Mention your work profile (if anything else).
I am currently Head Coach of the Northern Districts 1st Class Female team in NZ as well as the Waikato Valley Senior Men side, previous to this role I had been Batting Coach for the Western Fury Female side in Western Australia as well as being a satellite coach for Cricket Australia in Western Australia.

3. Are you playing cricket currently? If Yes - Since how long are you playing cricket? What level of cricket have you played so far in your country?
No, I retired early due to stress fractures in my back, I had up until the age of 22 played for Wellington 2nd X1 and my club team Kilbirnie and University in Wellington.

4. Do you play for any club or a team? Mention their names? When was it founded?
Wellington and University.

Where are you working currently?
Yes I work for Northern Districts Cricket in High Performance with both males and Females and also work for Waikato Valley Cricket as the Development Manager.

5. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
I would like to see the Female ND side win a competition and create History and the Mens team play in a Hawke Cup Challenge

6. Do your club/association have any website or Facebook page? Mention their links. or or facebook Waikato Valley Cricket

7. Any recent achievements/activities that you had. (It could be organizing a small camp, or just playing a match or organizing a cricket camp or playing a tournament series) Do mention the date.
When I was coaching in Queensland Australia I with John Wright (former Indian Coach) set up the NZC base on the Sunshine Coast. John came over and we then made plans for NZC to base themselves on the Sunshine coast in winter.

8. Would you like to come to India for a tournament or a coaching camp? Or do you want to travel any other country (if Yes, please mention the name)?
I would love to coach in India, I also am prepared to travel anywhere in the world as I have done in Vanuatu (small pacific Island Nation)

9. One thing that you instantly need that would boost the involvement of people in your country's cricket?
I always think money is the main thing, but more volunteers helping at grass roots level and at club level is very important at the moment.

10. Name any 3 active Cricket Clubs from your locality, Country. Also mention the name and email id of these 3 clubs.
WVCA: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

11. How and when do you wish to contribute to the World Cricket Community.
I am willing to contribute now to any country that is looking for a passionate Cricket coach who can improve team performance and move up the ICC rankings as I achieved with the small Island nation of Vanuatu when we played in ICC WCL Div 8 as well as coaching Scarborough CC in Perth to a T20 title and finals in both two day and one day competitions, alongside winning the T20 competition with Wellington Blaze (Female side 2012 season).

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