Toronto City Club Club located in Toronto, Canada, was founded in 1985 by Mr. John Woods, the then Commissioner of Finance, Mr. Rashmi Nathwani, Commissioner of City Properties, Mr. Wazir Khullar, Mr. Sheik Kadir of City’s Finance Department, Mr. Ron Barrow of City's Fire Department, Mr. Dennis Perlin, City Solicitor  and Mr. Tim Woods.


The mission of Toronto City Cricket Club (previously known as Toronto City Hall Cricket Club - TCHCC) is to promote the game of cricket among Youth and Adults in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Toronto City Cricket Club future plans involve expansion of the tournament in coming years for longer periods over a two-week period and to involve more leagues and teams throughout Ontario. From the last 6 years, Toronto City Cricket Club organize Toronto City Cricket Club League. Approximately 8 team's participate in the Toronto City Cricket Club league every year.

Tornto City Cricket Club TeamThere is also plan to formulate a united body to promote this game and establish cricket centres so as to re-establish cricket in Canada to its former glory and to realize Mayor Miller’s dreams to promote, spread and make cricket available to everyone.


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