Philadelphia_Cricket_Club_Logo_GCCThe Philadelphia Cricket Club was founded in 1854, is the oldest country club in the United States. Philadelphia club has two locations namely in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. The club formed under the leadership of William Roach Wister. After forming the club, players of the club played cricket on any available ground for the first 30 years. In 1883 Henry H. Houston (Benefactor) arranged a place for Philadelphia Cricket club on West Willow Grove Avenue in the St. Martins section of Chestnut Hill, where is clubs current location and head office located.

As there are other sports becoming more popular in the locals, the Philadelphia cricket team disperse in 1924, but cricket was refreshed in 1998. Other than the sport of Cricket Golf, Paddle, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Trapshooting are played in the club. Apart from this, Fitness and Children’s Activities are held in the club. Philadelphia Cricket Club was one of four founding members of the Golf Association of Philadelphia, which was organized in 1897.The club was one of the founding members of the United States Lawn Tennis Association in 1881.

Philadelphia Cricket Club is one of the hosts of the Philadelphia International Cricket Festival. Philadelphia International Cricket Festival is an annual cricket tournament for 16 Cricket teams involving more than 200 players representing 16 different nationalities who arrive in Philadelphia for four days of cricketing excitement. In 2015, Philadelphia Cricket Club hosted the finals.


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