Cossonay Cricket Club - SwitzerlandCossonay Cricket Club located in Cossonay, Switzerland, Founded in 1988 by three cricket enthusiasts, Mr. Keith Smith, Mr. Bryan Buttler and Mr. John McKillop, sat around a beer-laden table in the premises of the English-Speaking Club of Lausanne and decided that the region needed a cricket club given that there was equipment available and there seemed to be enough interested potential players. This was overcome thanks to the influence of a French cricket enthusiast, Bernard Chalimon, who was a neighbour of John McKillop.  Training and practice sessions started in the late summer of 1988 and in June 1989 the club was founded and fully constituted with Keith Smith as its first president.   In 1990 Cossonay Cricket Club was elected a member of the Swiss Cricket Association and in 1991 started playing in the Swiss league competition. The club is now a member of Cricket Switzerland.

NottsBase Cossonay Cricket Ground at "En Marche" in Cossonay is for the exclusive use of Cricket and has seen much development in recent years, most recently seeing the installation of a NottsBase "D" System permanent batting wicket. This has established the Cossonay Ground as the leading cricket ground in Switzerland and underpinned the selection of the Cossonay Ground "En Marche" as Switzerland's National Cricket Ground. The first match was played on July 27th, 2003 between Cossonay and VRA - Amsterdam, a visiting team from The Netherlands. 

Cossonay Cricket Club has played 4 Leagues/tournaments, such as Friendly Matches, Leagues, Swiss T20 Tournament and Pickwick T20 Tournament.

Global Cricket Community congratulates Cossonay Cricket Club founder Mr. Keith Smith, Mr. Bryan Buttler and Mr. John McKillop. GCC also appreciates the club for their approach to youth cricket development and wishes the club all the best for their future.

Cossonay Cricket Club -

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