Saracen's Cricket Club Southern England LogoSaracens Cricket Club is located in Hertfordshire from Southern England, Founded in 1929. Saracens Cricket club play most games in Hertfordshire, North London and Essex. A diverse group, the Saracens cricket club have come from all corners in recent times. Some of the cub stalwarts grew up in Enfield, the traditional base of the club. They have moved into Hertfordshire or nearby in the main. More recently, Saracens has had as antipodean influence, with the influx of a regular amount of Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders.

There are 5 teams in Saracens Cricket Club such as, 1st XI Team, Supporter XI Team, X – Saracen’s UK, X – Saracen’s Row and Saracen’s Dream Team.

In Tours - Saracens embark on a tour once a year, if possible. This has been a tour domestically in the UK. Tours held are normally in the Second and Third week of October.

In the recent years the club has toured to the following countries, 2015 - Portugal, 2014 - Florida (USA), 2014 - Portsmouth (UK), 2013 - Barcelona, 2012 - Corfu, 2011 - Malta, 2010 - Majorca, 2009 - Gibraltar, 2008 - Cyprus, 2007 - Malta, 2006 - Alicante (Spain), 2004 - Alicante (Spain), 2003 - Isle of Wight (UK).

Tour normally involves 2-3 games of cricket over a week, perhaps a round of golf, go-karting is almost essential, and a lot of lying by the pool.

Saracens Cricket Club Management Team: 

Name Of Person


Ian Donald


Peter Wafford

Vice President

Andrew Young


Ian Knighton

Vice Chairman

Vincent Archer


Chris Baker


Mike Bigby

Fixture Secretary

Jess Young

Club Welfare Officer

Saracens Cricket Club -

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