Erlangen Cricket Club was formed in 2011 in Erlangen. Many people from Germany don’t know much about cricket and not many know that there is a very fast growing cricket scene here. Specially in Munich, where more than 11 cricket teams are registered under Bavarian Cricket League.
In a short period the Erlangen Cricket Club has grown so quickly that currently the club has one team and 22 members. The Club fulfils the all requirements that are needed to play good quality cricket. The Club plays on a Artificial Turf, Green Pitch according to the BCV, DCB and ICC standards. Club involves the players from all over the world and cricket playing nations such as India, Pakistan, England, Australia, and Sri Lanka. Club provides proper Coaching facilities to improve the players performance. Providing proper practice facilities gives positive energy to the players for their improvement. The Club has divided the practice sessions in two different seasons such as Summer and Winter.

Summer Practice Seasons: ( April To September )
Practice sessions conducts on every Sunday from 13:00 Am to 17:00  Pm. All the practice sessions takes place at Erlangen Cricket Ground.

Winter Practice Sessions: ( October to March )
Practice Sessions conduct on every Sunday from 18:00 hr at Franconian Int. School gym, Erlangen.

Achievements: A few achievements on their name which includes : BCV ODI Championship 2014.
Club had played 9 matches in July 2014 from which they have won 8 matches. 
Club had played 8 matches in June 2014 and won 7 matches.

Youth Cricket:
The Club also conducts the youth training for under 17 players. Practice session are conducted by the Coach Wasif Abbas- Shah every Saturday and Sunday and the timing are from 17:00 pm to 19:00 pm and the time is same for the Sunday also. 

It is a nice experience writing about your club and Global Cricket Community congratulates you for the valuable growth of the club. We at wish you all the best for your further journey of the club.
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