Sri Cricket Club was founded in the year 2006 and is located in Chennai. Sri Cricket Club provides the best services and facilities to the cricketing community in Chennai. The club manages competitive cricket matches/tournament, that tour throughout the country and state level clubs in India. They played their first match in the year of 2007. The Sri Cricket Club players played in four division league in Tamil Nadu. The Sri CC also hosts an invitational cricket tournament and plays annual matches with regional teams in Chennai.

Mr. D S K Reddy is Head Coach of Sri Cricket Club, Mr. V. S. Ravi is Team Manager, Mr. Ela Porco is Captain of Sri Cricket Club, Mr. L. Saravanan is Vice Captain and Mr. D. Rajesh is Team Co-Ordinator of Sri Cricket Club.

Sri Cricket Club Players:

  • Dinesh - (Batsman)
  • Udhaya - (Batsman)
  • Vinoth - (Wicketkeeper)
  • Musthafa - (Wicketkeeper)
  • Murugesh - (All Rounder)
  • Saravanan - (All Rounder)
  • Munna - (All Rounder)
  • Chiku - (All Rounder)
  • Ganapathi - (All Rounder)
  • Porco - (Bowler)
  • Jayaram - (Bowler)

Sri Cricket Club also arranges Cricket Events. Some of Sri Cricket Club’s more popular events are (Inter Corporate Tennis Ball Cricket Tournament), Coparte Cup (Cricket Ball Tournament). Sri Cricket Club is very well recognized name in Inter Corporate Events. Sri Cricket Club is associated with many top ranking sporting and non-sporting events. Their endeavors have attracted over 50 corporate in a series of different events, done both Intra & Inter corporate.

All Sri Cricket Club events have become an annual feature in the corporate sports journey. They ensure that all events are carried out to the best of standards, prestigious and competitive in nature.

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