Farooq Cricket Club was founded by Mr. Amin Farooq in the year of 1992 in UAE. The club is a team of youngster mainly from Arab Unity School. The team has youngsters as well as the senior players. Farooq Cricket club has produced few players who play for National Side of UAE namely Mehmood Pir Baksh, Qais Farooq and Salman Farooq.
Mr. Salim Khan is the star player of this team who has the record of scoring 291(Not Out) in 25 over match. Today, the team comprises a blend of youth and experience. The club have some well established players and a bunch of talented youngsters who have risen up the ranks on the U.A.E domestic cricket circuit.

Farooq Cricket Club - Team

The team squad is as follows:

Mr. Salim Khan
Mr. Yasir Salim
Mr. Nasir Salim
Mr. Mohammed Afzal
Mr. Sameer Sadiq
Mr. Mehmood Pir Baksh
Mr. Adel Farooq
Mr. Qais Farooq
Mr. Salman Farooq
Mr. Adel
Mr. Qais
Mr. Salman

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Farooq Cricket Club: UAE - http://farooqcricketclub.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FarooqCricketClubWebsite

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