Darjeeling Cricket Club is Based in Dubai, UAE. Darjeeling Cricket club is the oldest amateur Cricket club from UAE. The club was established in 1969 in the chairmanship of Mr. Mark Jamieson and other committee members. The club is based in western expat hence most of the club members are from various countries like England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand mainly. Darjeeling cricket club has over 55 playing members which include men’s senior team and youth team. The club has played major formats of the game such as 20, 25, 30 and few times a 40 overs matches. D.C.C. have a proper schedule of their practice sessions and matches sessions.
Darjeeling Cricket club play matches every Friday or Saturday. They conduct their practice sessions and net sessions every Tuesday night.

D.C.C. have won few known tournaments From Dubai are as follows:
1) Bromley Shield Winners
2) Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes, 2014
3) Dubai Super League Champions 2016

Darjeeling Cricket Club has a very keen interest in player development for that they also organize discussion with senior players from various clubs they also organize tours for the development of the youth.
We at www.globalcricketcommunity.com wishing you all the very best for further journey in cricket. Stay happy and enjoy the joy of cricket.
Darjeeling Cricket Club - UAE :  www.darjeelingcricket.com

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