Bangkok Cricket Club is based in Thailand. The club was formed in 2001 and from then the club has 10 Championship title from 14 seasons the club is one of the most professionally managed cricket club. Bangkok Cricket Club is number 1 cricket club in Thailand. Bangkok Cricket Club is affiliated with Thailand Cricket Association and Bangkok Cricket League. Currently the club has 2 teams BCC-1 and BCC-2 . BCC-1 Plays 45 over premier division league and BCC-2 plays 25 overs Division A league matches. BCC- 1 team play under the captaincy of Mr. Anowarul Islam and BCC -2 Currently play under the captaincy of Mr. Anurag Malhotra. Bangkok Cricket club also plays T20 and T10 matches under the captaincy of Mr. Mahesh Malani and Mr. Irfan Memon.

Here are few awards that the team have on their name.
2002-2003 - Winners - Thailand Champions Trophy 
2003-2004 - Winners - Premier Div. League 
2004-2005 - Winners - B Div. League (BCC's 2nd team) 
2004-2005 - Quarter Finalist -RBSC International Cricket Sixes 
2005-2006 - Semi Finalist - RBSC International Cricket Sixes 
2005-2006 - Winners - CAT Sixes Tournament 
2005-2006 - Winners - BCL T20 Tournament 
2005-2006 - Winners - Premier Div. League 
2006-2007 - Winners - Premier Div. League 
2007-2008 - Winners - Premier Div. League 
2008-2009 - Winners - Premier Div. League 
2009-2010 - Winners - Premier Div. League.

Current Committee members of Bangkok Cricket Club
Founder & Chief Patron: Mahesh Malani
Chairman: S. Krishnan
Vice-Chairman: Sam Surin
Hon. Secretary: Ashok Chand
Spokesperson: Irfan Memon.

We at wish you all the very best for further journey in Cricket. Keep Playing cricket.
Bangkok Cricket Club – Thailand -

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