Do you know the which board is richest in the world?

Cricket is globally recognized and well-established game in some countries. If we look at the statistics, 125 cricket nations are playing cricket. Most of them have started their governing body or the association to control the game of cricket in their respective countries. Today we will know about India cricket and about their Board net worth till date.

As we all know hockey is India’s national game then too cricket is most popular and involving maximum people in the game in India. BCCI - Board of Control for Cricket in India is the governing body for cricket in India. Conducting tournaments like IPL and other cricket related activities makes BCCI the most profitable board in the world. India cricket - BCCI, stood on the top of all cricket boards by maintaining the income of 1365.35 crores in the financial year 2016. Cricket in India now has a good financial condition and well-structured board.  

If we look at  the last year income of BCCI from various aspects and tournament held in India. Here is the list of income sources for BCCI

  • Annual Subscription
  • Income from Grant of Media Rights
  • Income from men’s Senior international tours/Tournament.
  • Surplus from IPL
  • Rights Income from Champions League - T20
  • Distributions/ Participation fee from the International / Asian Cricket Council
  • Minimum Guarantee Royalty
  • Interest Income
  • Other Income

These are the various sources of Income for BCCI. The income of INR. 1365. 35 Crore was accounted till the financial year 2016.

But if we look at the expenditure, BCCI has spent almost 90 percent of their income on the expansion of the game.

In the previous financial year that is March 2016. BCCI has spent INR. 1253.52 Crore for the development of cricket and other community wise activities in India.

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