Lille Cricket Club – France.

Lille Cricket Club is based in Tourcoing city of northern France. Established in 2007 the club has progressed strongly at community level and has a good cricket team and players. The Lille CC is a very active club of the hexagon. There are 50 members in the only cricket club in north of Paris. During April to October the club participates in international tours and tournament against other teams from Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and France. The Lille cricket club has truly happy club members from India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Trinidad, New Caledonia also French players and British expatriates.

There was a successful crowdfunding project by the club to get an artificial cricket pitch which can be used to play cricket at various grounds in France. The members and supporters did the campaign in 45 days. Philippe Dethoor led the campaign and also contacted Global Cricket Community.

You can also support the campaign

Founder of Global Cricket Community – Swapnil Karekar was happy to see the progress of cricket at Lille Cricket Club and did a small personal contribution to the fund. Swapnil Karekar said “There is sure to be a great success for this club with good cricket players, supporters, club management, and community involvement. cheers to Lille Cricket Club.”

Lille Cricket Club plays matches against the following countries and club teams;

  • Belgium – Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Mechelen
  • United Kingdom – Ipswich, Newington Whistable
  • Germany – Düsseldorf
  • France – Paris, Chantilly, Metz


PHILIPPE DETHOOR, President of Lille Cricket Club and cricket player has this message for the cricket clubs and global cricket community.

Indeed the LILLE CRICKET CLUB is not just a cricket club, it is also an association of members from diverse backgrounds and nationalities and varied, in which several generations come together with the common goal to practice and you practice this sport in the historical rich past, but is also the 2nd most popular sport in the world, in the process of (re) become an Olympic sport. going through the various sections our site, you will better understand this definition which applies so well to our members, and you can discover or rediscover the past, present and future that make the life of our club. the 2015 season saw the Lille Cricket Club continue its sports development (matches played and won increasing, organizing a UK 2nd round) and enter the "History" of french cricket with the victory of Lille in 1st edition of the Challenge Liettres, the LCC was co- organizer. Sport perfect summer, cricket is also practiced indoors and that's why we train every Friday evening from October to April at Kipstadium Tourcoing this new year's ad just as exciting sporting, with a further 3rd participation in the France Cup cricket and especially for projects that need to tip our club and its members in another dimension .... So stay on the lookout, Follow- us also on social networks, but especially, come and try the cricket with the LILLE CRICKET CLUB!

LCC President, Philippe Dethoor, receiving certificate from France Cricket Sports Director, David Bordes.

The Lille Cricket Club’s website is very good and well updated with news, fixtures, tours and tournament dates.
Do visit the website.



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