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Can you identify that one single thing we practice every day in our day to day life but is still left unnoticed by many of us? We all make utmost use of it and without which our world will never survive. It opens up all the human barriers and gives us a ray of hope to survive. Small or big, rich or poor; we all are just incomplete without this single thing. It has affected not just humans but also other sects of life on this earth. From parliament to playground, we are just totally dependent on it. And that single thing is “COMMUNICATION.” Now, try to relate this with the very first question asked at the start of the article. A must in all walks of life, communication has lots to deliver in each and every field. One such field that is goes hand in hand with communication is sports.

Sports and communication are two important aspects of human life. They are the means by which humans constructively give vent to their energy, while strengthening their physical being and other skills like team work, decision making and leadership. Communication is the important aspect of man’s social behavior. The way man communicates with fellow men improves or deteriorates his relationship with them and his standing in the society.  So communication plays a key role in the ‘social skills’ aspect of sport. There are various methods present in order to improve one’s communication skill on ground.

Can anyone imagine a game of cricket where the players of team do not communicate with each other? What would be the implication of that? Will the players and team be able to win if they don’t communicate?

In each and every phase of life, man needs to share and associate his views with his companions. Communication is needed not only to express one’s views, but also to cultivate the views of others, which is how we expand our knowledge. The communication needs to be precise, concise and palatable so as to be effective.  In Cricket, the fielders would easily run out a batsman if he spends time calling out to the other batsman, “Hey we can take two runs in this ball!” If this communication had been precise and concise, the call would have just been, “Run!”


On the field, regular practices of communication do not always work. There is just a fraction of second for a player to decide his move and for his teammates to gather his intentions and act accordingly. A wink of the eye is all that you can have to communicate with the other teammates. But that still works because the players know their teammates, and how they will communicate. This knowledge comes with the hours of practice the players put in together as a team. They can devise their own secret codes and signs to communicate the game strategy right under the opponent’s nose.  It is important to note that communication need not only be verbal. In Cricket, body language, hand or leg signals are all different signals and ways to communicate.

The information that is being communicated through gestures should be easy to understand to the receiver. Many a times, in the middle of a high tension game, the tempers are high and the players tend to give vent to their feelings by using abusive language on their opponents.  As a result, they end up being fined or suspended and regret their behavior later.  Though it is very difficult to do so, if the players master the art of self controlling their emotions, and communicate their objection in a non-offensive manner, not only would they avoid facing penalty, but also they would avoid unnecessary tension between the teams.

Thus, in Cricket, not just communication, but effective communication is essential.  The precision and conciseness cannot be developed overnight. The age old adage ‘Practice makes a man perfect; stands true in the case of communication too.

Sports and communication are two inseparable aspects of human life. Life without either game or communication would be like a sea without water. These are two things that add colors and flavors to life.

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