Patricio Caamaño Viveros is a Cricket enthusiast from Chile, a Country in South America. Patricio's first encounter with Cricket was at the age of 22 when his Company named GasValpo were preparing themselves for a Cricket tournament in Argentina. This tour named "All Chilean Team" also won awards from ICC Americas. Later, Patricio found out that Beach Cricket could be the next favourite sport for Chilean, given that this form doesn't requires Heavy equipments, stadiums and can be practised by everyone in the community. Beach Cricket was appreciated and was made a formal sporting event in Chile. 

1. Tell us about yourself?
Full Name: Patricio Caamaño Viveros

Date of Birth: August 26th, 1977
Playing Role: Captain of the "all chileans team" (friendly games, and captain of Viña XI)
Batting Style: Right - handed
Bowling Style: Right – arm, medium pace  
Address: Viña del Mar; Chile

2. Tell us about your first experience with Cricket? What age did you get in contact with Cricket?
My first experience was 15 years ago, with 22 years old, thanks to the Company in Chile the name GasValpo, with my boss Martin Turner from Australia, that try to show some skills about Cricket to a group of 15 employees of this Company...after to few years, our first big experience was a big travel from Chile to Argentina (Buenos Aires city) to play with a few teams. The name of this tour was "All Chilean Team", that won the first awards from ICC Americas (Development Programme) to "Best Spirit of Cricket"

3. Where are you playing cricket currently? Since how long are you playing cricket? What level of cricket have you played so far in Chile?
At this moment, We play only with chileans in our region. My best level of Cricket was in 2006 like the best player of division "all chileans", and member of the National Cricket Team, in the ICC World Cup Qualifiers Tournament in Suriname.

4. Enlighten us more about Beach Cricket? When and how did you get this idea?
Beach Cricket is our idea of development to countries without equipment to play, like helmet, gloves, etc...without big grounds to play official games between two teams...just only need a few bats and any few balls to play...rules more easy to learn and teach to other new and women any more quick and dynamic, because if you hit the ball, you have to run!!! no more of 12 overs, and all people have to do each role of the game.

5. How has the initiative of Beach Cricket helped the overall Chilean Cricket Community? Walk us through all of the progress and achievements of Beach Cricket since its inception.
I think that the first step to know more about Cricket for countries like us without English and without information about this sport in television, newspaper or magazine…more simple to understand with simple rules and on the beach is free to play. 

6. What is Chile Cricket capable of? 
We need a couple years more, to get more chileans involved in this sport, and more teacher of sport to put all knowledge for children of latin america

7. What are the areas for improvement you see to be necessary in Chile's cricket?
Information, diffusion and marketing program, plus education to more people.

8. Which country's Cricket do you admire the most and why?
In different areas, massive cricket: India…hight performance Australia, UK and NZ, and development: Suriname, Argentina and Brasil.

9. A mentor / coach whom you would like to dedicate your learnings and success?
Martin Turner, for introducing me to the game…Joseph Williams and Tim Messner, to encourage more about the game, Guy Hooper like a big captain and president of the Chilean Cricket Association, Arjun Menon to include to the national squad of Chile few years ago, and to come to bring different skills of the game.

10. One message that you would like to convey to all the Cricket developing Countries?  
Cricket is without the boundaries, Cricket is for all in any place...try to put something of your culture, or your history…each country have a many new ideas to help of most people feel this sport like one option to learn more about other crazy friend that think and feel like you. 

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