1. Tell us about yourself?
Full Name : Silvia Alves Ferreira Pinto
Date of Birth : 08/17/1976
Playing Role : batting
Batting Style :agressive
Bowling Style : slow
Country : Brazil

2. What age did you start playing Cricket? How did you get in touch with the game?
I started at 35 years old. A friend of mine told me about this game.

3. Who were your cricketing heroes whilst growing up?

My heroes are my captain Erika and her sister, and a very good player named Carina Lagoa. All are Brazilian.

4. Was your family supportive when you started off with Cricket? Was it ever hard for you to convince them?

They did know about this sport. And so they were quite supportive.

5. What do you enjoy the most on the field? Is it lofting the ball over boundaries, or breaking stumps or fielding?

On the field I love everything........ but fielding is my favourite!!!!!!

6. If not Cricket, where else would you have landed up in your Career?

I have not chosen Cricket as a career. It is impossible to do in my country.

7. Any major challenges that you faced all these years? How do you feel can those challenges be addressed?

About Cricket.......the major challenges was to win south american championship. I feel good. I feel veeeeeeery good.

8. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?

Female Cricket is at a baby step in my country. I hope, in 5 years, we can play with most of countries to learn more and more about this game that I love.

9. What would be that one goal of your life to achieve as a Cricketer?

As a cricketer my one goal would be win Most Valuable Player Award in SAC.

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